Rockabilly Vintage

Hey guys,

This will be one of my last photo shoots towards this blog but wanted to show you what I’ve been working on.

I recently collaborated with Rockamummy as we’ve wanted to create something that combines our 2 loves for Vintage and Rockabilly.

She made this entire outfit herself and took into consideration my battle of the bulge 😂

Anyway I don’t have many words to write for this blog post but just want to say thanks to Jess and the team of people that helped me and supported me through this shoot.

We had so much fun! As you can probably tell 😂 

P.s I’m going to re-style these items and incorporate them into different outfits so stay tuned for that ❤️

Thanks all x


A new change 

Guess what guys. A change is coming : the new blog will be up soon and this one will be a bye bye !

For now I wanted to keep this post short and sweet but hope you enjoy this outfit 
Love Jenet 

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Style update

Hi all,

As I lean closer to my end date of Chicgeek85 and start fresh, rebrand and move forward to ” The Elegance Of She”, I am getting so excited for the opportunities i can possibly pick up but in the mean time, I’ve been looking for some serious inspo for Vintage and came across these:




Enjoy 🙂

First Impressions, Last

Hello there,

How are we all? I was discussing with my little cousin the other day about first impressions and job interviews & how I remember this training course my high school sent me to.

It was about first impressions. Here is the scenario, now picture this:


I am a little 15 year old attending my course, catching the train into the big city. We attended this classroom with our school uniform and of course acting like the most immature little shits ever. LOL Anyway, one of the main lessons I learnt from this course, was the most important one of my life! & here it goes:


The first impression of yourself to someone else, is the most valuable one you can make. Choose wisely.

So as an experiment, he told us for tomorrow’s class , to not wear our school uniform but to wear conservative professional clothes. Watch how people react to you on the train. You wont be those little sh*** catching the train where everyone that works in the city shudders about, you will be treated rightfully.

So wow, did that work more than ever! I saw no adult roll their eyes or give me any smirks but I did see a lot of respect. He was right ! 

So my moral of this story: look at your outfit and yourself and think “what is my first impression? What does it say ?” 
Comment below and tell me what you think? Do you agree ? 

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Breaking the black for Spring 

Hi all ,

How are we? 

Just want to say a big thanks for all your love and support in my last post. 

Wearing colour is hard for me to be honest but I am trying to find ways to do this so I thought I’d wear another peplum top( as if you read my last post, you would know that it covers a certain area and is great when you’ve had a big dinner ) anyway, everyone knows I love my black but it’s hard to find ways to wear it in spring so here I’ve added my classic cream and black cardi to my all black outfit & boom! A way to wear black in spring – for those warmish nights . Oh I can’t wait 😊 

Thanks all take care 

Food and Life baby

Ok, Ok.. I actually said it first on Instagram (See here if you’re not following me!) and the comments blew up, so I decided to make it official and put it on the blog. Ok, Ok. My approach style is not very orthodox but I said it. what’s the big deal? Well my friends, the fashion industry has made it a big deal in order for you to feel bad about yourself.

Now, I am like most people. I love my food, wine, coffee (full cream milk thank you), chocolate and carbs. OH CARBS. Now that doesn’t make me fat does it? Does it make this outfit less classy? No. Less Elegant? No.

Now, lucky for me being so stubborn headed and strong, I don’t really care what people think and see of me. But on the flipside, some girls do and it hurts their feelings to think someone thinks their pregnant. (don’t get me started!) Anyway, a personal favourite of mine are peplum tops. I do not know where id be without them. They’re cute, they go great with a skirt, pants, leggings, jeans and the list goes on. They cover the tummy and add accentuate my curves to show my flat stomach. (yeh right! I had a big bowl of pasta right before the shoot and I don’t care) LOL

Take care x


Keeping the Class in Sexy

Hey all,

This post has been a long time coming and I decided to collaborate with Irish bra lady. Please note this is entirely my opinion and appreciate no negative comments.

I wanted to show what classy in sexy looks like. Now, most girls would’ve jumped the chance to show off their “puppies” if given this beautiful Lacey bralette I am wearing. Instead,I found a creative and classy way. I mean, I ain’t no A cup in the bra department but god damn I can still wear a bralette. But now I’ve added a lot more class to it. 

You know when my mum saw me pick this up (btw this was gifted and these words are 💯 % my own) from the post office she looked at me and thought “you are going to wear that?!” And then when she saw me style it up she commented on how classy and beautiful the top looked. I don’t know about you but the “too sexy and too much revealing phase” is done in my opinion. Time to bring back class with abit of sexy.

When things are sexy you don’t have to add more sexiness to just need to add the class 🙂 

Girls night in Winter


Thanks for tuning in. Have been so busy with my new place (my first home, EEEKKK!) I can’t wait to show you all, photos of how I’ve styled it.

In the mean time, thought I’d smash out some outfits. Decided to do something a bit more of a going outfit but still chic, elegant, classy but FUN.  More for drinks with the girls, out for dinner or something in the night time. It’s winter here in Australia and I am struggling to dress for going out whilst not looking frumpy.

This is my personal style. This is what I find works for me. I don’t ever have the intention of looking like someone else just because everyone else is dressing like them.

I don’t ever follow trends that don’t work for me. If I liked a trend, i’d make it work for me.  in this case for this outfit, it was the off the shoulder top and bodycon midi skirt.

This has been my philosophy since day 1 of this blog and it will still be the same when I re-brand and beyond.

Have you found any newest trends that you can work into your wardrobe and some you wouldn’t dare try? Would love to hear from you! This question goes out the boys too!