Be right Back: Gone Shopping

Hey all,

So sorry for the delay in posting (or lack of).. Jasmine and I have been swamped with our personal lives that I haven’t had the chance to do any shoots. We’re hoping soon!

But in the mean time, here are some #tbt moments for yall to enjoy🙂


P.s Stay tuned as I am in the middle of interviewing a massive influence in the lipstick market.. I JUST CAN’T WAIT!


P.p.s: If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I am adding a New Catergory called “My classics” ..   So excited to add this to the blog.

take care loves xxx

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Jord Watches: Collaboration



A Classic and Timeless (see what I did there😉 )  accessory. Up until a few years ago, I started wearing again. It gives an ultimate sophisticated look and a luxe one at that.

It wasn’t till recently, Ben from Jord Watches contacted me asking for a collaboration, so I jumped at the chance. So as I was viewing their site to get a good feel of Jord Watches & I noticed that the watches were in fact made of wood! Say what???????????????? YES, WOOD!

Anyway, till 16th of October 2016, there is a giveaway available for all of you. The winner ultimately wins a $75 E-Voucher but for the rest of you, you will still get a $20 e-voucher. So really, no -one is left out.

Enter here:

To Shop for Women’s watches, the link is:

The link to my watch is:


Enjoy and good luck!🙂


Disclaimer: This watch was #gifted to me & are all my own opinion. I was also able to work this watch into my style in order to participate into this collab. This gift to me has no influence on this post whatsoever.




Where to wear it..

Did you know, where to wear an outfit is just as important as what to wear an outfit to?

Decided to do this casual look that I would wear grabbing a coffee, doing some errands or going to visit the fam. All my posts, will now say “Where you can wear this outfit to” as I believe this is just as important as “What to wear?”

I decided to show you how I tied my scarf, which is below.  A step- by – step tutorial. Something simple and effortless for your errand doing and coffee date / grabbing a quick bite sorta thing.


Please note: this post is not sponsored or gifted.




Please find below, step by step tutorial:



Step 1) Open your scarf in full like so.


Step 2) From left to right, diagonally, grab the scarf and put it in half.


Step 3) Like so.


Step 4) Then grab those ends & tie it around your neck


& voila!


Would love to hear feedback on this tutorial?


Take care all




Coco Chanel

Happy Birthday to the lovely Coco Chanel.


It was her birthday last month on August 19th.(to the day!

Wanted to style this look today with a top that I found at the bottom of my cupboard. When I bought this, I loved the print and how “Coco Made Me Do it” , so I thought why not style a look that made Coco Chanel so famous. All pearls, black and white, a bit of bling & but also I added my texturised heels from Wittner. (Ok the story for these babies is: if you didnt know, I am a huge fan of things textured and that includes heels. They were $230 down to $80!)

Anyway, Just wanted to add this look to my “Vintage Inspired” category and to confirm that I will be doing vintage looks on the blog now.


This was one


Please note this post is not sponsored or gifted 


The Devil is in the detail

Spring in Melbourne: for most gals it is the gateway to wearing colour and to wear print but for me & to start mixing and matching. I, on the other hand, always wear black no matter what season.

I decided to wear my Little Black Dress (There are so many styles available) and style it as per the below.

By adding the Brooch, the detailing in the heels & my red nails, it made it:

  1. Classy
  2. Classic
  3. Luxe
  4. Modest
  5. Stylish?  YES!


It also gave it a lil somethin somethin😉





Please note this post is not sponsored or gifted. 


Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: 2016

Hello all,

I am going to give you my side of Fashion week.  so get ready. Grab some vine and enjoy!

On the 26th of August,  I went to Emporium to go see the opening of Spring Fashion Week, Melbourne. Now this may be my second year of going, (oh god my blog turns 2 in November! – err lets get back to it) but this year, it was wayyyy different to the last. One of my favourite designers were there (Blessed Dion Lee) and a few others.. This year, it was jam packed! I love the concept of turning a little lane way street into a full blown showcase. Isabel Lucas was the face of Spring Fashion week this year, and oh what a face! With her success, it had made that night so epic!  I saw a lot of bloggers there too.

Ok, so I left early due to being so tired from work, I saw what I had to see and left. But Melbourne, you really know how put on a performance of Fashion week.

Lights of Melbourne Town Hall were so bright and so beautiful, I’ve never seen. I seriously can’t wait to see more. On every corner you would see a little reminder its Spring Fashion Week. It’s like the city was alive!


Anyway, today (the 31st of August)  I went to a different show that has inspired me and kind of reminded me why I started my blog.

Something so simple,like watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at ACMI (P.s I have the movie at home and have watched this more than you can imagine),  gave me that blogging jolt i needed. Being a Fashion Blogger, especially in Melbourne can be pretty difficult. The competition is vast, you must know people in the industry and you must look a certain way (Tall, blonde and size 4). Ok, I don’t meet any of those criteria’s but I’d like to think I can bring something to the table.

But watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s today, remind me why I am doing this.

I want to build my brand. I want my style to be known.

It’s ok to be classy. You don’t have to be half naked to get attention & hey hunny, its ok to be a size whatever you are..

Anyway, hope you enjoy my read


Take care all xx


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How Two Live: Interview

Hey all,

As you now know, on my blog I feature bloggers, fashionista’s (or fashionisto) that have caught my eye. This dynamic duo is no different.. Their bright coloured ensemble is so hard to miss, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to feature them on the blog! Interview is below.


1) How long have you been doing your blog for?

We started it back in July 2012, so it’s been just over four years now.

2) How did the name come up?

It was a group brainstorm session between all our family members, cousins and everything. Someone came up with the name How To Live, and then we were like wait a second, How Two Live!

3) How did you decide to make this a full time job?

It wasn’t really something we ever decided, it actually kind of crept up on us. We started to get a bit of media attention around our blog, then jobs started to roll in, and before we knew it HTL was taking up all our time.

4) Your style is very different and unique, how long did it take before you “found your style?”

Our style is something that’s evolved over time, and it’s still constantly evolving! We have always had a bit of an ‘anything goes’ attitude towards style. Fashion is meant to be a way to express yourself, so why not have fun with it?

5) More dresses or skirts in your wardrobe?

Probably skirts! We’re always complaining that we have a serious lack of dresses.

6) Who is your style icon?

Rihanna’s style is amazing! We love how she’s always changing up her look and trying new things.

7) What do you pic first when it come to your styling? Shoes, clothing?

If we have a new item that we’re dying to wear then we usually style around that. So maybe a jumper, or a skirt, or even a pair of shoes.

8) Do you think there is room for the new bloggers in the fashion industry?

For sure! The blogging space is always changing, it’s so different now than when we first started, but with social media anything is possible. Last year we met a girl who had started her Instagram account 3 months earlier, and now she’s about to hit a million followers!

9) Your favourite location to do shoots?

LA, Paris, New York, Sydney… the list goes on! If we’re in Melbourne we love laneways, St Kilda beach, or anywhere that serves dessert.

10) On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love donught time?☺

11 for sure!

11) Your favourite online store?

We have so many… but obviously we have to say our shoe brand,

12) You girls have built quiet a substantial brand: if you didn’t pick this world, what else would you be doing?

Working with animals!

13) Love your feed on Insta: any tips you swear by?

Thanks so much! Clarendon is our favourite filter, the more colour the better, and always tag the brands you’re wearing. We’re also loving Insta Stories.

14) Do you girls always work in pairs?


15) Is it just you two running the show?

We have a few people who work with us, and then we work with a lot of people remotely, so we basically have a team spread out all over the world


Thanks ladies for your responses: Check these out girls socials out & their Twoobs page!


Have anyone else you think I should interview? Email me at



Jenet xx







The Little Black Jacket: One of my favourites. Obviously black goes with everything and yet can be so versatile and simply chic but one of the many reasons I bought this from Zara a few years ago, was it looks just so luxe.

From afar, it looked like tweed & I have a thing for textured classics like this Little Black Jacket. Something oh so classic and my version of timeless.

As you can start to see, I love my pearl necklace’s so I decided to style it abit differently and add it as an anklet.  Love my le-boy bag? My aunt from overseas bought this for me as my 30th birthday present, as everything in Europe including your designer items, are cheaper.

Location:  Of course, posing in none other than Chanel Melbourne, one of my favourite buildings in Melbourne.

As per the words of Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty  (the gorgeous one behind the lense) – very Chanel.


Love, Jenet xxxchanel-winter-pearl-7.jpeg.jpeg

chanel-winter-pearl 4



chanel-winter-pearl 5chanel-winter-pearl-6.jpeg.jpeg






Layering, am personally not so into it like other styles but when it comes to Winter, I am right on it.

When I got #gifted this Rockman’s long grey cardi I immediately thought of this different casual look, in order to keep warm by adding my leather jacket.

Something effortless and chic but when you really “can’t be bothered”.


What do you think?



Take care,






***Please note: the Grey Cardigan was #gifted but the rest of the outfit & accessories I have bought & styled on my own & that includes the Coffee that isn’t sponsored  :D  ***