The Little Black Jacket: One of my favourites. Obviously black goes with everything and yet can be so versatile and simply chic but one of the many reasons I bought this from Zara a few years ago, was it looks just so luxe.

From afar, it looked like tweed & I have a thing for textured classics like this Little Black Jacket. Something oh so classic and my version of timeless.

As you can start to see, I love my pearl necklace’s so I decided to style it abit differently and add it as an anklet.  Love my le-boy bag? My aunt from overseas bought this for me as my 30th birthday present, as everything in Europe including your designer items, are cheaper.

Location:  Of course, posing in none other than Chanel Melbourne, one of my favourite buildings in Melbourne.

As per the words of Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty  (the gorgeous one behind the lense) – very Chanel.


Love, Jenet xxxchanel-winter-pearl-7.jpeg.jpeg

chanel-winter-pearl 4



chanel-winter-pearl 5chanel-winter-pearl-6.jpeg.jpeg






Layering, am personally not so into it like other styles but when it comes to Winter, I am right on it.

When I got #gifted this Rockman’s long grey cardi I immediately thought of this different casual look, in order to keep warm by adding my leather jacket.

Something effortless and chic but when you really “can’t be bothered”.


What do you think?



Take care,






***Please note: the Grey Cardigan was #gifted but the rest of the outfit & accessories I have bought & styled on my own & that includes the Coffee that isn’t sponsored  :D  ***

Chic Simple Shopping Tips

So we all know how convenient online shopping is and I got to admit, staying home in my pj’s , in my trackies having a hot tea, coffee or wine is tempting and super convenient but like Carrie Bradshaw

Shopping is my cardio

Even though I am not spending at the moment in time & not an official stylist, here are some tips below in regards to shopping:-

  1. Wear your comfiest shoes & in saying that, comfy clothes for the day.
  2. Get your good bra on. (I personally prefer a nude strapless one, cause the last thing you need is to try something on with the wrong bra)
  3. I am going to state the obvious and say good underwear.
  4. No make up (if you’re on a shopping spree like most girls do, the last thing you need is to have your make up rubbed off. )
  5. Take a cross-body bag. Why? well, you don’t want to be fretting over your bag when you are in the middle of your shopping game.
  6. Make sure you know what you want, when shopping. It can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t know (Making a list is a better idea). Refer to my Post about me being the Chanel belt (aka my baby). As you read it, you can tell my game plan was on and I knew what I wanted) .. Chanel
  7. Take a level headed chick with you (i.e, me😉 ) as it is really helpful for when something can be tempting & in the end of the day, there is no point buying something if you’re not going to wear it. (TRUST ME ON THIS)
  8. Someone honest too. No point in buying something if it don’t look good – All sales people want you to buy it, no matter how it looks.
  9. But I think shopping alone is more fun than bringing someone so don’t stress if you’re alone.
  10. Get your coffee hit first, then hit the shops.

and last but not least

11. HAVE FUN. :)

A friend of mine wanted me to express my “casual look” , so I styled this look for today’s shoot. Something abit more casual than the rest but still chic and classy❤

Jenet xoxoxox



All black Everything

Hands up and admit if you LOVE BLACK.  I find it to be most loyal, more loyal than a man could ever be😉

It has been a pleasure to style you and keep you FOREVER. We all know it’s benefits. (Elegant, Chic, Slimming, Loyal) .. ok getting back to the story, you can see I Love BLACK.

Decided to pair my all black ensemble with my statement heels I bought from  Jo Mercer I posted on Instagram I bought last December for my cousin’s wedding.

I love these heels, they’re so timeless and chic! FYI: you can never go wrong with lace.

Decided to add this look onto “Simple Saturday’s” a Catergory I’ve added to give ladies, girls and women a “Simpler, Classier Option” for Saturday nights.





Vintage Style

Vintage Style.

One of my favourites!  Why I love Vintage? Because of their type of styling and the items that are chosen for the Vintage style outfits.

The style isn’t necessary chosen for its current trend but for its longevity to stay on trend for future generations.   I LOVE THAT.  For years I have been buying my items based on just that, I know I can keep them for my future daughter (or give it to my niece – which is probably more likely😉 )

Anyway, for today’s shoot, I decided to wear all white (a concept I’d never give a go back in the day). By adding the faux fur scarf and adding a bag and shoes that match, it has elevated it to “Vintage”.


My favourite era was the 50’s. What is yours?