Chicgeek85 2015

Just wanted to express my biggest THANK YOU for all my followers on my social pages including Instagram,  Facebook, Tumblr and Polyvore.  Without your love and support i dont think id be where I am and with what I am doing.

My highs and lows of 2014

My extreme lows: the passing of a great man , my dad.

I loved loved loved my dad and words cannot be said for my sadness of loosing him.

He was my everything in life. He encouraged me for the good in me and to be happy within myself and accept who you really are.

My highs:

Starting this blog, becoming a blogger and promoting elegance, chic, sophistication,  class and style .  Not just from your clothes but the way you speak,  how you maintain yourself and how to act in today’s crazy world.

I love my blog,  love what I do and I am so proud within myself I am doing this.

Now for 2015.


Chicgeek85 is going to the streets and promoting myself even more.

Be sure to watch this space

Now lets wave goodbye and tell 2014 it can go jump of the Westgate bridge lol



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