Its my Birthday and Ill have Chanel thank you.

I cannot believe it, I will be 30 in a months time. Where has this time gone? All I Remember is turning 25. Time sure flies fast especially when I’ve been having fun. 🙂


I’ve brang together the best of the best Accessories, I want for my birthday.

Accessories? Why? Well, why not! i love accessorizing everything i wear. I can be at work, drinks, dinner, formal setting or even a baby shower. Ive always got some accessory on.  It is either a brooch, necklace, my rings, cocktail ring, earrings and even a hair clip. All depending on my mood.

images (32) Xmas belt-sheet.png.fashionImg.medium brooch-sheet.png.fashionImg.medium cuff-sheet.png.fashionImg.medium homepage-1-15C.jpg.fashionImg.medium


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