Glamour Affair Melbourne Blogging Event

I love Melbourne – not like I’ve never said it before but I really do. So many great opportunities for bloggers to connect, reinvent,  brainstorm,  network and best of all- grab samples! Haha

A big thank you to the ladies for inviting me to this event.

I was pretty shocked when I was invited to it, to be honest.  I could see that alot of make up bloggers / vloggers were invited and in no way, shape or form am I a makeup blogger.   Some of them were doing it for years,  have a massive following , so many viewers on their blogs, huge subscription to their you tube channel and then there was me. As I met people around the well allocated room,  I realised there was a mix of all bloggers and vloggers.  From mummy bloggers to make up enthusiasts to skin care lovers.

The ladies from Glamour Affair are absolutely beautiful. So welcoming – I felt right at home.

Its amazing for their first time, the event was really successful with reps from  “Benefit Australia” and “Lush Australia” introducing us to their new products.  Posts of these items will be up soon.

I really felt like a queen I loved it. It was an amazing experience . Glamour Affair will be going around Australia which will be another great success I believe.

Keep an eye out for them . I think they will do wonders.

P.s here are some pics from the event.

Love jenet 👄








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