Busy, Busy Bee


What a week it has been. From doing Freelance Styling on the side, to my full time job screaming for me to grow into management, to home commitments, I’ve been going to sleep at 8.30pm every night (sometimes earlier). Even having my glasses on whilst sleeping. Sometimes they are there on my face when I wake up but generally I’ve kicked them across my room.

Amazingly enough, these glasses still rock and in good nick. haha

It’s amazing, I completely forget I am so so busy that a 22 year old reminded me that to “chill da f*** down! you’re doing to much!”

I do need some much needed R&R pretty soon but for now, I need some cocktails.

Lychee Martini anyone?!

Happy Friday

Have a blessed weekend


Jenet / Chicgeek85 🙂


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