Two Tree House

Twotreehouse matchbox lip balms
Twotreehouse matchbox lip balms

When Most people think of the cooler months, they think of the short days, no going to the beach, no ice cream and no wearing bather and freezing WINTER.

Well when I think of Autumn / Winter, are 2 things:

  1. Dry Skin, Lips and Nails
  2. and layering.  (I’ll get into layering another day.)

Dry Skin, lips and nails. Whatever do you mean? Well with all that Melbourne Wind and with the sun disappearing,. your moisture deteriorates. The best tip I can give you is intense moisturization. As winter comes full swing, your lips will be chapped and no one likes those chapped lips. I sincerely hate the feeling of being “dry” from my hands, nails and lips

As soon as the lovely Mayni from sent me 3 handmade natural lip balms, I was so happy. I googled their website and was pleasantly suprised that there products are natural. As soon as I read the ingrediants on the box that they came in, my mother heard me and took 1 off me.   This is great, as my religion is Muslim and it is so hard to find products that don’t contain pig fat or glycerin in them. (This is more of a struggle for my mother, as she is religious). But for me personally, I am not a fan of the overbearing smell and strong flavour I got when you rubbed your lips. When I tried TwoTree House , I didnt get that overwhelming smell or flavour but what I did get was a natural balm on m lips. Looking at my lips, they immediately looked better.  For best results, I apply daily or when that gust of wind comes along 🙂

Jenet. ❤




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