Man Style : OOTD

My Favorite all time style for work: Man Style. Especially working in a Corporate Industry, it gives the Woman’s body the ultimate sophistication.

My Vest that I am wearing was from my late dad’s wardrobe, when he died.  This chore I had to do was the hardest thing I had to do. Sorting his things between the 3 children (my sister, bro and I) + Mum. Anyway Mum and sis decided to give it to me due me working in the corporate world. Sister then said “you can style it up im sure !”

Underneath the very thick woolen vest was my shirt, I’ve worn to work through everything (Note, I made sure the shirt collars were visible). My Pants were from @ Target Australia and Jacket by Zara that I’ve had forever.

Thankfully I wore this today, it turned out that Melbourne wasnt in a good mood and it was freezing.

1 thing I love about my style, I love to experiment with my looks and outfits but I also re-use what I have in my cupboard and ensuring that the Items I’ve bought are used to their full potential,

Keep walm today Melbournians.

Featured image

xo Jenet


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