Dr Lewins: Revitanail – Keratin Strengthening Serum


*Please note this item was given to me from the Glamour Affair Party* This opinion is 100% my own.

I’ve been doing my nails: Acrylic,  Shellac, painted  nails and Gel for so long. Either way, I always made sure my nails were clean and manicured.

Lets go back to when i first started doing my nails.  My nail lady at the time said your cuticles were so dry.  I was like what the? She firstly told me off and then said get onto cuticle oil. I had tried cuticle oil. I was so happy,  i thought they look really finished. Nails were done and my skin was soft and perfect.

Then i tried Dr Lewins Keratin Strengthening  Serum.

As much as i get my nails done every 2 weeks, religiously,  what makes my nails and hands look moisturised is this baby. @drlewinns has brang out the ‘KERATIN STRENGTHENING SERUM’ – results speak for themselves 🙂



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