Bloggers, United at The Meadow

Date: 14/06/2015.

Time: 1pm

Location: At The Meadow, a step away from crown down Queenbridge Street. The Meadow

So this in total has been my third Blogging event where we have the chance to meet our fellow bloggers of the same state. It amazes me, every time we get together there are more each time. Most people will say “you score free stuff, why not?!”  Well that aint the reason most people will do it but it sure is a great venting tool and we get to blog about what we love. So yes, why not!

Anyway, when I walked into The Meadow, you can see the girls had put alot of hard work into it. From the Decorations to the set up and we even scored a yummy lunch and some snacks it was all worth it.

We had the privileged of having Benefit Australia come visit us to talk about their New Roller Lash Mascara and The New colours available in the “They’re real”Mascara. 1 thing about Benefit, the hosts had said the colours that they have produced are timeless. The New colours that have come out are timeless and not bright at all + their Push liners that are released on 3rd of july. So keep a close eye on that;)

Just abit suttle which i loved and not having to worry about using them on special occasions due to them being so bright.

Onto the next company that we had visited which was

A mother and daughter company that has provided us a Beauty Brand. This was called “Enbacci”. Looking at the packaging you can tell that the products were quality. PURE class. . A concept of making Beauty products natural. Heck it’s so natural, she you can still see thr little bits of grape seed. All natural and no addictives.

All in all, the day was great. This includes the venue, people, food and the event.

Now a big thank you to the ladies at the Bloggers United group for being able to talk the talk and grab us all of these samples and visits. None of this would be possible. Blog posts of these products in due course .

Now gotta think hard and clear about my next post about Sydney – as they say no rest for the wicked








2 thoughts on “Bloggers, United at The Meadow

    • 🙂 THANKS GIRL!!! Likewise! how many business cards did you get? hahah I am going to make some new and simple business cards, so I’m sure ill see you around xo


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