/ Rockmans, Table Eight and W Lane.

It sure was a cold and miserable day travelling between Avalon Airport and Sydney but the collection thanks to Prettygirl and the Collections from RockmansTable Eight and W Lane, it was anything but.

Venue was at the lavish Merivale in the Ivy Room. Even though the weather in both Melbourne and Sydney was moody and depressing, the Merivale instantly changed my mood. Just the ambience of it and plus how the girls at Pretty Girl Fashion Group have setted up the room, I instantly felt like a movie star with red carpet. Take a look at my pic with Mila Kunis, my girl haha.

Now, i’ll be honest I’m not into colour but damn it was so pretty and inviting. The Spring / Summer collection for 2015 is going to be a perfect pop of colour for every shape and size. I was in love with it. ❤

From Rockmans, Table Eight and W Lane, the Lime colour shined through. Here are some details as below:

Rockmans: had heaps of beautiful pieces, I could tell they were as I was touching them all by feeling that texture. Alot of these items were more for casual and some items thrown in like Pencil Midi Skirts just to balance it out. And we all know how much i love pencil skirts.!

Table Eight: mix and match of patterns but also having the classic indigo denim jeans, great for ever day and for a coffee session. In line with the seventies, accessories were real cool. Think coloured jewels in silver hardware style cuffs and oversized sunnies. Table eight has also released a new fringed clutch. So excited for these to be released as the seventies is in full bloom.

W Lane: Their Spring / Summer Collection this year, is definitely incorporating the “Nautical Trend”. Just think of Blue and White striped blazers and tops. What I also fell in love with this line, was that they had Scuba Material midi skirts, cuts were classic and I know personally, I’d have these items on the rotation in my wardrobe. Think the Original Chic  One thing about classic pieces is that you can re-wear over over. It’s all about smart styling.

So glad designers are starting to realise that style and class comes in all shapes and sizes..

Have a look at some of the photos below, i got to meet the very tall and stunning model “miss boi” and some other bloggers too.

iCurvy just to name a few! 😉

All in all, it was such a great day. I certainly felt like a celebrity of jetting in and out of Sydney 🙂

A big shoutout to The Pretty girl Fashion group for the amazing opportunity, I really can’t wait for the future and hopefully the next time I come into Sydney, it will be nice and sunny, just like the collection ☺

Jenet xoxox

Please note a few of these photos were taken from Pretty girl fashion group








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