Colour Block

Olivia Palermo:

One of my favorite leading ladies in the fashion and style section. She’s on or in every magazine and she’s chic!

One thing about me personally, is that I am slowly (very slowly) getting back into colour but like Olivia Palermo, I colour block. I never have an in between.  It’s either all black everything or colour block with me.

One good thing about colour blocking is that I can use my classic cut clothes to combine and create a different outfit all together and it’s my time to be creative.  Not that Olivia Palermo has that problem, I’m sure she can afford it but for me and everyone else in the world that is working for a living, this is wonderful.

Just a tip for colour blocking, make sure your outfit colour combination is going somewhere. Your outfit is to say a story.

Qn: what are your favourite colour combinations? Would love to hear from you

Take care, Jenet 🙂


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