A Little Edgy

So if you follow me on Snapchat, you would’ve see something on my Story, that I was going to go back to black. Well since the weather wasn’t crash hot, I didnt get the chance to get it done. (I do my hair at home, with the big thanks to my mum). I know alot of people will comment and say that it washes me out and that I shouldn’t do it. Well unlucky for them I have pretty thick skin and I dont care what people think, I’ll be doing it. Just hope this weather gets better. One of the reasons I love doing it, is cause when I wear my classic red lipstick, it pops out..   Sorta Like the Classic Red Rouge Coco, from Chanel Coco Chanel Rouge What are your favourite lipstick? Brand? Shade? Colour? Would love to hear from you. Jenet 🙂IMG_20150621_083648[1]


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