Sukin / Hand and Nails cream

If you saw my blog post over the weekend, you would’ve realised that I got my nails did. It’s an ongoing expense of mine that I love to do. One thing I also love to do as much as my nails is moisturise my hands and of course my cuticles.

This wasn’t the case till I tried and tested the Sukin Hand and Nail Cream. With this floral smell, I often feel I am in the middle of the Botanical Gardens. A pretty nice escape if you tell me.

I love the fact, that they’re so many products that are getting into the Vegan market. Sukin is definetly staying in the market.

Heck, even my mum uses it! No alcohol and full of essential oils. Just what you need.

Jenet 🙂




Please note, this product is 100% my own and have not been paid to promote this**


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