Lady Like Presentation / Inspiration

.. Oh.. my inspiration? Audrey.

Why? Well, first and foremost it was her lady like demeanor. She had such class yes, but it was simply that.  I fell inlove with her as a person and her visually.

Why am I blogging? Purely to transend the Audrey styling and style and show how to be classy.  It’s also putting my hand up and saying “Hey! It’s ok to be more modest”.

Do I have a Passion for Fashion?  Oh Hal Yes! Through all my Chanel, Dior and YSL I do have my basics plus a mountain of jewlerry and shoes.. SHOES?!?! YES SHOES!?! 🙂

Looking at the photos, I am pretty happy with my style. With my age and background  I am here to show everyone. Watch out world, here I come 🙂




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