Bling bling

Bling bling.

No your phone ain’t ringing but my jewelery so shiny. I’ve come to a math equation that I am hoping you can agree on:

Jewelry + bling + bling = Shine your outfit on? What do you think? HAHA :p

Don’t worry, when I wrote that bit I was suffering SEVERE mondayitis.

Now I don’t do blog posts often about jewelry but I will mention that as much as I have my shoes, I have a box FULL of jewelry +++++ more!

Well being European certainly doesn’t help. With the ladies getting married they are drenched in gold. I remember when I was little I use to ask mum “Why are they given that gold for?” She would answer “Gold is worth more than money, that’s why”

So the only maths that I understood was “adding jewelry will make your outfit more expensive “.

I do love my clothes and have a passion for fashion but they were seasons I didn’t buy any clothing. I either didn’t like them or I knew it wouldn’t suit me. With that, I would go home and re-do what I had in the cupboard and use my jewelery to re-style my outfit. I personally am a huge believer that Accessories do make or break your outfit.

So every now and then if you dont find anything at the shops, don’t be down about it. … go into your jewelry case (or box or whatever you have ;)) and see what you can do

Let the bling inspire you

Jenet xo








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