Blogger Style : Interview with Adam from “Sydney Fashion Style”

Sydney Fashion Style interview pic

So as we all know, my blog is starting to break into the men’s style and styling. Like the ladies, it’s all about being Classy, Sophisticated and Timeless + some pieces. So I went on the Instagram feed to check the boys out. Was looking for a Stylisto to follow! Before I knew it, I pressed follow on Adam’s Instagram and emailed Adam wanting an Interview.

On that note, I decided to email Adam and get to know his style and alittle about him.

1) So how long you been doing your blog for?

Just under 3 years now.
2) What is your style described in a few words?

Suave, dapper, flamboyant. 
3) What made you decide to start your blog? 

That’s a funny question actually, because I always like dressing different to every body else how ever a being a fashion blogger was never in the picture, I had so many friends and work colleague try to push me to start a fashion blog 3 years ago, because of the way I used to dress.  However though it’s only when I kept many random compliments when on outing or casual outing occasions that made me want to inspire others, because at that moment I realized I was impacting the people around me in good positive way, strangers were approaching me saying
 Hey nice outfit, or hey I really like your style are you a model ?” I’d laugh and say no I’m not but thank you anyway for your kind feedback.
So all it took was enough courage to build and get a work colleges best friend who was a professional photographer to make me one photo shoot to try out this idea of perhaps making a photo shoot. The rest was history from that point onwards.”
4) Your daily inspiration? 

Inspiration for me is found by real life things that exist and I see everyday such as nature, skies, seas, clouds, plants, colourful things. Jazz, symphony, chill House and TUPAC is a huge inspiration in my life also. I admire the struggle he represented and he spoke truth about the reality of life not being such a happy place, so music would be a huge one. Fashion trends is not something I like to follow it can be very seasonal thing such as today you wear it and tomorrow it becomes out dated. I like to innovate new styles and looks. (and doing a great job of that Adam 🙂 )
6) Favourite era of style?

Art nouveau, 90’s pop culture, urban graffiti scenery.
7) Bow tie or Long tie? What’s your favourite?  

Long tie it’s more proper and ideal more occasions.
8) What trends are your ultimate favourite?  

The suave European summer beach look
(Coloured blazer, white shirt, white chino shorts and loafers.)

9) Your favourite Guy Instagrammer (Stylisto) 

Mariano Divaio Instagram here

10) What do we see more in your wardrobe of?

Suave Style

11) What goes through your mind when you do a post?

Well people tell me I’m very creative and charismatic so I guess when I post it’s more about saying what’s important to ether benefit the reader or inspire them.
12) What is the first thing you think of when doing your outfit? Accessories, shoes etc.

The outwear piece or the highlight piece of any outfit normally the jacket colour then everything else in regards to outfitting is designed to suit it.
13) How did the name come about for your blog?
For me it was about representing the epitome of what I represent:
Sydney: is where I’m from my city
Fashion: is what it’s about
Style: is what makes my blog different from others, I take it to another in depth level of refinement.

14) What are your favourite style of shoes?

Leather loafer with tassels
15) If you could go into someone’s wardrobe, what would you cull / keep?
I would go in to Emporio Armani archive designer one off runway pieces in their HQ,
I love the whole ethos of the Armani legacy,
to me it represents the ideal smart sophisticated handsome European man!

16) What do you love about fashion?

Being able to express individuality of who you are with out speaking out load.
Dressing nice to me is the outer garment of who I am but behaving appropriate out in public is what’s most important.
Example: some people dress in expensive clothes to show off and act arrogant as if to show that they are better than others because of the way they dress or what they are wearing makes them better than others “so to speak !” I don’t appreciate that, nor do I respect people like that !.

17) Do you think your background has somewhat influenced your style?

Yes defiantly, my background is Turkish and I love European fashion and what it represents across the world.
18) If there was something guys could pick from your style to learn from, what would it be?
I hope to encourage them to have courage to dress nice to look good and feel good but mostly help them feel more confident in themselves.

I love Adam’s style and am glad there is a Stylisto out there.

Love Adam’s style? Why don’t you give him a follow on Instagram!

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