The One Shoulder

As you Google Image One shoulder Top, a bunch of images come up.

When I think of images for One shoulder top, I think demure and Classic. When I first started my blog I had no intention of making it big or anything (Would be an added bonus though!) . My had an intention of teaching girls How to Style and be classy. I can walk into any store, even K-Mart for example and pick an item. Go home with what item, walk into my wardrobe and pull up a beautiful outfit. This outfit will tick all the boxes:

  • Class
  • Simple
  • Chic
  • Timeless

Now I’ve previously done a Post when I first got this One Shoulder top( See Post here ) but now I want to show you how exactly I would style this just say going out with the girls.  As the months get warmer here in Australia (well I hope), more events will be happening and your calender will get fuller which means finding ways and items to wear when going out.

Am hoping you can follow my journey with me.

P.s: My 1 year of blogging is coming up in November, so were going to celebrate. Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date. ❤


Please note, all these items I am wearing, are mine. This is NOT a sponsored post.  ** Please watch out, I will be doing more posts like these from now on. + You- Tube **





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