Burt’s Bees

My beauty regime isn’t massive as my product range is pretty simple but I’ll never post a product I don’t believe in. I am definitely not one of those bloggers that do it just for the $$ (names remain nameless) and don’t worry I’ve met a few! ** Please note, this isn’t a sponsored post  **

Anyway, before I tried Burt’s Bee’s my skin was experiencing a massive change. Turning 30 had something to do with that. However, when I tried using the same products I used when I was in my 20’s, I experienced my skin getting really dry (my skin is combination) and as much as I moisiturized, it never felt clean.

So I went on my lunch break to Priceline and they recommended Burts Bee’s. Firstly, their range is not too big where I felt overwhelmed but big enough to know that they’re a company you can trust.

From using this product my skin is much softer and lush. I also felt no bumps as opposed to before (kinda like a rough feeling) My skin feels hydrated but also has a sweet smell as opposed to the chemical added smells.

This is something I will definitely use again and again





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