Classic French Home Styling

imageIf I had the chance to pick a style for my home, it would definitely by “Classic French”.
As I get more hooked into my Pinterest page (you following me on there yet?! Follow me now and I will follow you back) I get more inspired for Home Styling. Like I said when I announced that I will be doing Home on my blog, I loved it before I got into Fashion and Styling.  Just the joy of looking at someone’s home and making the look Consistent, Cohesive and Chic!

There is something about Classic French that I love and here they are:

  1. Timeless
  2. Chic
  3. Pure
  4. Clean

Nudes, Beige, Black and White are the key colours for this Style, with that it is easier to style and accessorise.

Here is some inspo that I’ve taken from my Pinterest. Don’t forget to follow me there too guys!

P.s Thanks for all my new followers. Hello! ❤




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