Delhi Nights


Food. Yummm .. food yummm

As you can probably tell, I do love my food. In fact, I have a somewhat “healthy relationship” with food. haha! yep the joys of being European. We simply LOVE our food.

Well enough of that, I wanted to do my first foodie post on my girls restaurant that I went to opening of, last week. (You probably saw my snapchat vid of this).  I never got into Indian food really until my best friend got married to someone that is Indian background and has been cooking from the age of 12 or 14? Where most of us were shopping or going out for coffee with family, the Chef of Delhi nights was getting into his passion. He knew one day he would get married and open up his own Delhi Nights.


And what a night it was! Now I am no foodie per say but I DO LOVE MY FOOD. Heck I have even organised a new category to show my love of food, coffee and drinks ❤

Ambience:  A Touch of  Indian with adding Simplicity and uniqueness. No tackiness here my friend! You can tell as soon as you walk in that the styling it was much though of. With lamps from Istanbul the painted wall in the back matches it perfectly.


Food: Well Lally the chef, has his taste buds on another level. Like I said previously, I never tried Indian food until I tried his food. Go ahead and try, the prices are incredibly low which will be great for any family of 10!


Trust me when I say this, you would want to go and check out Delhi Nights Facebook Page



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