Chanel Make up

So, the time has come to throw out my Chanel products that I’ve used till it was finished. Thought i’d give you guys a review of what I bought and I don’t want to throw away. Chanel has always been a game changer when it came to their beauty and make up range. The word Trust comes to mind when I buy Chanel.

  1. Le Blanc De Chanel: This is great find for someone that has uneven skin tone.Especially if you suffer from red cheeks. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and cannot recommend anymore, Am pretty upset this is finshed 😦 This is to be put on before your foundation.
  2. Hydra Beauty: I love this product. Even though this isn’t finished as yet, I love it and thought I’d bring this in the post. This is a primer for your lips. You add this before your lipstick as it evens out your creases.
  3. Coco Eau De Parfume Chanel: It does have an older smell but I think every girl needs to have a parfum to fall back on when everything is finished. I wear this for big family events + weddings. & Last but not least:
  4. Perfection Lumiere: One of my favourite foundations. I found it hard to finish this baby off and have been using less and less so It doesnt run out?! Anyway, Chanel’s foundation is very unique and since my skin tone is unique I found it worked well on me. Extreme coverage but a real flawless look.

I love these Chanel products and these will always be in my make up bag. So French, So Chic!








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