The Power Suit

The Power Suit, or Suit for that matter. A Timeless, Chic and Classic all rounder. The ultimate Must have.

Why is it called The Power Suit? Well as soon as you put it on, it will make you feel empowered and ready to take on the world..or boardroom (whatever you prefer)

Trust me when I write this, it can be your favourite piece if you can’t find what to wear. On the often ocassion us women go buy more clothes cause we think we dont have anything to wear. The Classic suit is your never fail. Your blank canvas. It can take you from day to night.

But lets step back and take a note, that what I am wearing is not a suit at all but in fact are 2 separates. I’ve decided to wear a killer blazer that had a subtle statement to make it look like one piece.

Did you know  if you have the same colour of a different brand or style, you might just make it look like a one piece. Try it, trust me you will be pleasantly suprised.

Now roll up your sleeves its time to be Chic 🙂









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