Mini Skirt Mania

Yay! Another blog post, another style session<3 (Can you tell, I love doing these?!)

As you will probably know I have been organising photo shoots with what I have in my wardrobe to show everyone how my looks come up and what exactly my style is all about. Not only are my looks Classy, Simple, Chic and Timeless but they are also unique. It comes down to experiences in life. As I see it, when you experience something in life whether it be good or bad, it changes, molds you in a way that can change you and your style all together. With everything that has happened to me personally, I think my styling is elevated 100%. (or 1000%)

The good thing about the Simple Style is that anyone can do these kind of looks with what they have at home.

Anyway, with my uniqueness I decided to do a post on a Mini skirt but I couldn’t decide which one to shoot so I added both of them together.. I then just added a simple black top to this outfit just because the mini skirt/s is the hero of this outfit plus some pearls just to add some little cuteness to it. By adding a black top with the pearls it added some class to it.

Now I dont often wear mini skirts but I really like this look I’ve created. Something to wear when out with the girls.

What do you think?

Jenet ❤








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