My First Birthday

So I can’t believe my blog has turned 1.  It has been a crazy ride .. So i decided to do drinks and go out after it in Melbourne. Why not I thought, to celebrate and any escuse to go out and get dressed up. My theme for the night was Wolf of Wall Street but pretty much I wanted everyone to wear suspenders, a tie (or a bow tie) with some geeky glasses.. It looked so cool when we were gallivanting around the city as it looked like a bunch of mini me’s .. HAHA

One of the many reasons I am great at doing Events is that I check out some cool places before I start inviting people.  I’m either at the hot spots or checking out the future hot spot.


Places that I booked my night at:


World Bar Southbank  from 8.30pm – 10ish… Drinks and drinks and I had some pizza.. Yummm.. Try their Pumpkin Pizza that is to die for. Their drinks are moderately priced however, for such a big venue plus the life band and the VIEW (Water front!) it is very worthwhile. Check them out. I’ve been a few times after work back in the day and their Cocktails are super creative.

After that, I decided to go to a club I’ve been going for years. It was none other than Marrakech Cocktail Bar

This Place is the go to Place for clubbing for me. Have been coming here since the age of 20 and haven’t really liked any other places. Friday night is Trill. Trill is off the chain! If you love Trap, Rap, Rnb and Hiphop this is the night. Well since I went Saturday night it was Electro, House and Rnb after 12am-1am.  Get your groove on ladies and make sure you wear your flats (Am I the only one!?)  when coming here as it will be one heck of a night.

With Marrakech, the vibe is just that. You might think you are walking into a dungeon down those hideous stairs but you are actually walking into an Oasis. 2 rooms, 2 vibes,. If you smell smoke, don’t stress just go sit by the lounge and Chill.


This night was the night I needed. To keep going and promoting my passion for fashion.. I seriously can’t wait for my journey and to show everyone what I am capable of. Thank you to all my followers friends and family for your ongoing support. It has been an incredible adventure xx













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