Lauren Conrad

So I do love many fashionista’s that have class added to them but I have been following Lauren Conrad for a very very long time through the show The Hills on DVD.

It was just something about her. She knew what to wear at all times, no matter if it was for a date, out with the girls or promoting the latest collection she has worked on I have been a massive fan.

She had class alright, especially when she was fighting with Heidi! ehhemm, back to it. A girl with class is not just in the clothes or the way her hair is clean or the way she speaks but also knowing when it is appropriate to wear a particular outfit. Knowing the difference is everything.

Alot of respect comes from a girl that Works for what she wants, just as I plan to do. So no people, I won’t be buying followers 🙂

Anyway, I can’t take all the credit for this post, photos are taken from Zimbio

Lauren Conrad - ZimbioLauren Conrad - Zimbio 2Lauren Conrad - Zimbio 3Lauren Conrad - Zimbio 4Lauren Conrad - Zimbio 5


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