Chanel Chanello

So you’ve probably starting to see my Chanel Belt / Necklace pop up in some of my shoots. There is a story behind this and here it goes.

I quit smoking back in October 2014. This was a HUGE thing for me (well for anyone) not because I was a heavy smoker but because it was a social thing but also it was my stress reliever. So I went cold turkey.!!! (still can’t believe I did this) 

Once dad was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer (which he had a rare type, of course!) I decided to call it quits once I found out how much money I was spending.  So my shopping habits “started” ..  50 pairs of shoes later (not that I had alot before or anything! 😉 ) I bought my shoe drobe,  so fast forward to Boxing day, I went to Chanel.

I really wanted to buy something LUXE. Majority of my looks are basically luxe for Less as now, I don’t have the money to go back to Chanel again I decided to make the most of it and buy something I could re-wear and re-wear,keep it for a rainy day but also find new ways to wear it. So I made the most of that situation. Oh yes I did. 😉

I looked at the range and was in aww. The guy that was doing the selling was doing a great job but for me I am pretty stubborn so my head was in the game. I knew what I wanted and I was going to back down. So I asked to look at the metal type not Leather as I am personally  more into metals than leather. I find that they will last generations to come.

Here are some examples of what you can do .. A simple outfit remains timeless  – something I’d wear when out with the girls. When being still classy ❤

Note: if you plan on buying a Luxe  Item, make sure it is something you can wear again and again. It is for your wardrobe, not any one else’s.

Hope you enjoy my story

Jenet 🙂





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