Keep It Simple Sister

DSCN1495[1]DSCN1496[1]As per the words of Mademoiselle Chanel: Simplicity is the key to elegance..

Why did she say this? It’s because Simplicity is elegant and this is where I come in!

I mean its great to to over do and pack on your make up,  clothing & colour but in time, these outfits will not be in the rotation and wearable…

Look at Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Kathryn Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, the likes of these women, they were onto something.. They know whatever they were wearing would be in style and look at them! They’re outfits have lasted generations, not just seasons and they certainly weren’t worried about the trends. My Style is definitely old school with a touch of a modern twist. 

Anyway back onto the real meaning of this post, when I styling my outfit and I am about to hit the Melbourne Town, go out for an event, go see family or even just go and grab a coffee with the girls, I make sure:

Keep it Simple Sister. (K.I.S.S)

How to find this out? Look at your outfit.

– Do you have a necklace ?

– Earrings?

– Shoes?

– Belt?

-Is your clothing have a statement piece where everyone will be drawn to?

Do any of these make a statement? If one of these do, then make the rest of the items simple / small or better yet, give rid of the rest!

These are simple styling ideas that we can all use to make our outfits wearable and timeless.


One of the many positives of “Simple Style” is the fact you don’t have to have a lot of items to look perfect

Something to wear to a formalish event ❤


Love Jenet 🙂

















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