Definition of Chicgeek85

So it’s been a mad year of Chicgeek85 and I thought i’d upload all my looks and shoots I’ve done in this short amount of time.

So in a nutshell, the Chicgeek85 “girl” is:


– Classy

– Elegant

– Thoughtful

– Intelligent

– Stands up for herself

– Nice

– Genuine

– Lady Like

– Confident but doesn’t tell everyone that she is

– Honest

In regards to Fashion and her style it is:

– Unique

– Classy

– Timeless

– Not afraid to take a risk

– Lady Like


Just to end this post, I just want to Thank you to all my followers and friends for your ongoing support .. I wish you all the Best for Christmas and New Years. Be safe, be merry and of course have fun 🙂 SEE YOU IN THE NEW YEAR 








** All photos are mine and must be requested prior to reposting to any blog or social link / page. **

Please email me for any requests at:


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