Breakfast with Audrey

So as everyone would know,  I am a fan of Audrey Hepburn.

Something genuine and real about her personality but also her style. With such class and poise.

Anyway, before I started my blog, I was following Breakfast with Audrey for a while and I loved the page since then so much that when I started doing Interviews and jumped at the chance of Interviewing her. Since Chicgeek85 is all about being Chic See Post here ** , why not?!

So I emailed Vanessa and she was more than happy to assist me in my interview. Thank you Vanessa!


1) How long have you been doing this blog for?
Breakfast with Audrey originated in 2010, though I have been the Managing Editor since May 2014.
2) How did the name come about?
Breakfast With Audrey is a play on words that encapsulates our favourite icon (Audrey Hepburn) with the idea of a “daily necessity” (that’s the breakfast part!) So you could kinda say ‘Breakfast with Audrey’ is your daily fix of amazing style!
3) Your favourite Audrey Style Moment, apart from Breakfast at Tiffany’s? I personally love Audrey’s off-duty looks, when she was a little bit tomboy. The cropped hair, cigarette pants and flats are such a winning combo and they’ve proved completely timeless.
4) Your favourite trend?
I would have to say I’m always loving borrowing from the boys (Masculine trend) though I am over the moon about maximalism slowly coming back as well.
5) Which do you prefer, Statement Jewellery or Shoes
This is such a tough one! Though, given that I also own and run a jewellery brand that has been known for it’s statement jewellery since 2004 (, I would definitely have to say statement jewellery! Though, I cannot resist shoes either and own way too many!
6) Which do you prefer, Midi, Mini or Maxi?
I quite like a mini (strangely!)
7) If you had any fashion or style advice that you would like for the future generations to pass on, what would it be? I would advise to buy thoughtfully and not get too swept up into fast/disposable fashion. Discover the things you really love to wear and eliminate much of the rest.
8) Your best advice in regards to blogging?
1) There is no such as thing as too much networking.
2) Spend as much time promoting your posts as you do writing them.
3) Focus on building your own patch of internet real estate, don’t sacrifice your web presence/growth/focus for social media only (no matter how tempting this may be!)
9) Do you prefer separates or one pieces in regards to clothing? Separates
10) What makes a lady, chic (in your own words)
To me “chic” is someone who has an effortless kind of style, nothing too contrived, and authentically hers. She is the complete package – well versed, intelligent and stylish.
11) Your biggest fashion fail (id love a funny story from you, if you have one) Oh, there are so many! I tend to look back on anything over 12 months ago and cringe! The worst would have would have to be the era when everything was short, tight, too much elastane, and/or see-though. Boobtubes and denim mini skirts etc. Really terrible! A long time ago I also wore a white skirt to a wedding (black top though) and was really scowled at.
12) Your favourite blogger, stylista?
I cannot go past the (annoyingly-perfect) Olivia Palermo but I think Tash Sefton of They All Hate Us has that relaxed “everyday” style down-pat too.
13) Classic White shirt or a LBD?
White shirt, always.
14) How many people work on your site, or is it a one lady operation?
At the moment I have two casual contributors, but most of the time it is just me!
Thank you so much Vanessa for participating in my interview. WINK high res headshot

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