Housewife or Haute Chanel Couture

So my 31st birthday had just past and since that, it means I am the last “few standing” on in wog terms.. I have been getting alot of cra* from my aunties, great aunties, cousins, sister & + my mum! “Why you not married yet?” ; “Why you not find a nice boy??” and don’t forget “You’re not getting any younger my dear!”




Look, I admit my life hasn’t turned out how I planned. At a very young age, I thought I would have been married by the age of 25 and have 5 kids. Even though, I do want that (Well maybe not the 5 kids bit) to happen, if it doesn’t happen, the main thing is: I AM HAPPY and HEALTHY.

All my life, we have an expectation that we MUST BE MARRIED by a certain age. Well girl, news flash: NO. Life doesn’t always go as you expect.

I recently gave some advice to a friend of mine on relationships, what I said to her was this:


“The one’s that are left single, are unique. We need someone that can match our exact dents and creases cause we are unique. We are not a general girl so we need someone really special to fit us” So finding him (or him finding us in this matter) will take a bit longer.”


Anyway back to the reason for this shoot, I decided to dress like an old school housewife and I got into character! The 50’s were my favourite era for fashion and the time of life where woman were only ever housewife’s. They couldn’t even think for themselves but also couldn’t be what they wanted in life.



Anyway,. hope you enjoy the shoot and post.


Jenet 🙂










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