Simple Saturday’s

Saturday’s.. One of my favourite days.

It’s one of those days that you can actually relax after a long week and

Just this past weekend, I got back from Rye and Sorrento and more importantly I got so spend time with my main girl.

We all have that chick in our lives. Ya know the girl that is there for you at any time in your life. Whether it be good or bad. She’s always there. Well we are like that for each other.

Well we generally spoil each other on our birthday’s with presents but this year we were both baffled so she took me away for the weekend.

Had such a great time, am starting to feel really refreshed and ready to take on 2016!

From Peninsula Hot Springs on Saturday, pizza and back to the hotel for a few cocktails and champagne to Sunday catching the ferry from Sorrento after our breakfast and stroll, to Queenscliffe. It was a magical weekend that I assure you I won’t forget for a while.

Anyway, I am deciding to do a series of blog posts, when i’ll be showing “simple” saturday night outfits . Something I’d wear going out for dinner, some cocktails or a night out in the town.

Here is series 1.. Just want to shoutout DoanerFide for doing my make up. One of my first collabs of 2016. To see the other looks, they are here




Thanks guys


Jenet 🙂










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