Friend In Fashion / Blogger Interview

1) How long have you been doing your blog for? 
I’ve been blogging for about 6 years now.

2) How did the name of Friend in Fashion come up? 
I actually couldn’t really tell you – It was just something that came to me one afternoon, and then from there I just kind of stuck. 

3) How did you decide to make this a full time job? 
For me, the blog started as a creative outlet to my full-time job in finance. I was working corporate and had a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes, and no time to wear them, so I started capturing my favourite outfits in a blog. As the popularity of the blog grew, I was able to dedicate more and more time to it. A few years ago, I started my own digital marketing Agency, Mama Zuzu, which works strategically with fashion and lifestyle brands to build their own brands and reach, so once I started my own agency, I was able to really incorporate my blogging into my career.

4) Your Style is impeccable: what are some words you think describes your style? 
Thank you! I really dress for myself, so for someone to compliment me on my style really gives me a buzz. My style changes from day, to day, but I’d like to think it’s always quite elegant, feminine and skewed toward a more tailored look. 

5) More dresses or skirts in your wardrobe? 
Hands down dresses! I collect pretty dress, so I have an entire wardrobe full – I love them!

6) Who is your style icon? 
A classic has to be Audrey Hepburn, her style was always immaculate and on trend, without following trends. A true style leader and icon. 

7) What do you pic first when it come to your styling? Shoes, clothing? 
It often depends on what I’m shooting for. If its a fashion post – clothes first, shoe post, shoes first.

8) Do you think there is room for the new bloggers in the fashion industry? 
I think there is room for anyone that wants to get involved. Variety is the spice of life, so new people, bring new experiences and stories, which is a great source of inspiration!

9) Your favourite location to do shoots?
Either beautiful tropical destinations, surrounded by turquoise waters (i.e. Maldives), or built up, urban cityscapes (i.e. New York, Paris)

10) Your best tips for us newby bloggers? 
The only advice I’d give would be to find something that is unique to  you and share that. Your knowledge and passion will come through your work, and people will want to engage with your story.
11) Your Chanel collection is to die for.. Any other purchases lately? 
Literally this week, I finally got my hands on the boy bag I’d been desperately searching for. I’m obsessed, and my collection is growing, but by god I work hard for it!

12) I love the collection “by Jasmin” that you have created. (correct me if I am wrong) – what was the inspiration for that? 

Thank you! I remember being on a stunning secluded beach in Croatia and thinking I would love to time-stamp this moment in time. I started talking about this with my good friend Camila, a jewellery designer and founder of Bali Platform, and from there, by jasmin was born. I was inspired to create beautiful fine jewellery pieces, in tribute of the eternal wanderlust. The idea is that by jasmin pieces accompany you on your travels and hold the secrets to your memorable travel moments and experiences.

13) Do you have any fashion embarrassing stories? Please do tell☺
I wish I did!! It would make for some good stories.

14) Do you have any style advice for the young gen?
Anything is possible, so long as you have the drive, focus and most of all passion. Don’t let anyone tell you something can’t be done and follow your instinct.

15) On Average, how many shoots do you style or go in?
I’m shooting all the time, so I always have fresh new content to share.

16) What is your typical day like?’ 
There really is no such thing as a typical day for me. I always try to start my day with some sort of workout – I love boxing and pilates! From there, anything can happen, meetings, photoshoots, product sourcing, writing, editing, shooting content, sharing content!

17) Any more trips overseas?
Absolutely! I’m always looking forward to my next trip. Return trips to New York, France and Greece/Croatia are all on the cards, and hopefully a first time visit to Hawaii.

18) Is it just you looking after your blog?
Yep – I’m a one woman show! The blog is so personal to me, I have to be involved in everything, so it’s important for me to have complete control. I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with amazing photographers, designers and creatives who make life a lot easier for me. Moving forward, I’d love to get the assistance of someone who can enable me to blog even more!

19) Mini, Midi or Maxi Skirt?
All of the above.

20) Audrey Hepburn or Lauren Becall? 

Audrey, she is hand’s down my go-to style icon. Classic, eternal style.

Thanks so much Jasmine, for agreeing to be apart of this interview.

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