Off the Shoulder Goodness

Off the Shoulder tops – LE CHIC ❤


One of my other favourite types of tops. Off the Shoulder. Well anything shoulder, really. I find nothing more demure, classy, elegant and Chic than an “Off the Shoulder top” – as opposed to wearing something low cut.

A Basic style of top however, a massive impact on your outfit.


– Another outfit to add to my Simple Saturday night outfits section, to the blog.


P.s Not a sponsored post yet again. 

P.P.S: I decided to use some stud earrings as a little accessory to my skirt. (To use if you don’t have a brooch) 


P.p.s: This is one of my shoots in regards to my collab with Jasmine from Sweetaholic-Beauty   – stay tuned for more to come :*


Enjoy xx

A pair and a spare heelsskater skirt 2off the shoulder



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