My Autumn / Winter Essential – The Blazer

Brrr.. You feel that winteresque chill? & you know what? I LOVE IT!

Decided to announce on the blog that I am a lover of Autumn / Winter looks and styles. Why? The layering and the luxe feel of a nice warm scarf & then adding a nice blazer (or coat) with thick high denier stockings, boots (ankle boots, thigh high boots and oohhhh don’t forget over the knee too) with some hot coffee, just makes me soo happy!

But for today’s post, I decided to use my favourite all time kinda jacket, the Blazer! (The Black Blazer in this case)

I can never have too many (trust me I have about 5 – differnt colours and styles)  but with this simple black blazer I was able to accessorise this a bit differently by adding some stud earrings to give it some oommfff with the Chanel brooch. Just for today’s shoot, I wore it with my off the shoulder top that I’ve been wearing alot lately with jeggings (or jeans if you prefer ) .

Hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I feel wearing it, which is why I’ve added this to the Simple Saturday Night Section of my blog .. Enjoy


Love Jenet xx








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