Girls want to have fun!

want to have fun 7want to have fun 6want to have fun 5want to have fun 4want to have fun 2want to have fun 1Hello to all my Fashionista’s ! Hope all is well and everyone is having a great time on my blog.


Wanted to tell you guys a story about my tutu. Yes, I am a grown woman, walking down the street taking pics in me tutu. No, I haven’t reversed my age at all but I wanted to tell you guys a wonderful story about my tutu. Well it’s not technically a story like my post on my Chanel Belt (See here ) but it is a little one.

I bought this tutu from a dress hire store that I knew had a factory where they sold items as well as hire. I decided to give them ago and check out what I could find. Well luckily this skirt sang out to me as it looked like a tutu but short or primed enough to be.

I had bought this for my birthday as I wanted to express fun look through my style. Something a bit short but fun and chic ❤

Starting to love doing these photo shoots as they express a creativity in me, that I can’t do anywhere else.







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