Style has no price tag


Now everyone knows I am abit of a “shopaholic” ok.. maybe not a bit but alot.!  😉 A true fashionista, my shopping finds were ahead of the game.

But now that I am in my thirties, my style spending has definetly changed and I now embracing the philosophy “Style has no price tag”.

With this, I found a Factory outlet that is called Beaches Fashion

All of their items are on sale and have NEVER BEEN WORN.  (And by sale I mean from $3 –  $6 and the most I’ve spent was $15 – which is this skirt I am wearing) 

Now I am firm believer that every fashionista should have a good balance of high end as well as the cheaper every day tee’s and skirts.

Remember it’s not what you have but how you wear it 🙂

The Shoes were $9 but not from Beaches Fashion. I bought these purely because of the chain & they kinda look like Giuseppe Zanotti.



Hope all is well with everyone





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Jenet x

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