How Two Live: Interview

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As you now know, on my blog I feature bloggers, fashionista’s (or fashionisto) that have caught my eye. This dynamic duo is no different.. Their bright coloured ensemble is so hard to miss, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to feature them on the blog! Interview is below.


1) How long have you been doing your blog for?

We started it back in July 2012, so it’s been just over four years now.

2) How did the name come up?

It was a group brainstorm session between all our family members, cousins and everything. Someone came up with the name How To Live, and then we were like wait a second, How Two Live!

3) How did you decide to make this a full time job?

It wasn’t really something we ever decided, it actually kind of crept up on us. We started to get a bit of media attention around our blog, then jobs started to roll in, and before we knew it HTL was taking up all our time.

4) Your style is very different and unique, how long did it take before you “found your style?”

Our style is something that’s evolved over time, and it’s still constantly evolving! We have always had a bit of an ‘anything goes’ attitude towards style. Fashion is meant to be a way to express yourself, so why not have fun with it?

5) More dresses or skirts in your wardrobe?

Probably skirts! We’re always complaining that we have a serious lack of dresses.

6) Who is your style icon?

Rihanna’s style is amazing! We love how she’s always changing up her look and trying new things.

7) What do you pic first when it come to your styling? Shoes, clothing?

If we have a new item that we’re dying to wear then we usually style around that. So maybe a jumper, or a skirt, or even a pair of shoes.

8) Do you think there is room for the new bloggers in the fashion industry?

For sure! The blogging space is always changing, it’s so different now than when we first started, but with social media anything is possible. Last year we met a girl who had started her Instagram account 3 months earlier, and now she’s about to hit a million followers!

9) Your favourite location to do shoots?

LA, Paris, New York, Sydney… the list goes on! If we’re in Melbourne we love laneways, St Kilda beach, or anywhere that serves dessert.

10) On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love donught time?☺

11 for sure!

11) Your favourite online store?

We have so many… but obviously we have to say our shoe brand,

12) You girls have built quiet a substantial brand: if you didn’t pick this world, what else would you be doing?

Working with animals!

13) Love your feed on Insta: any tips you swear by?

Thanks so much! Clarendon is our favourite filter, the more colour the better, and always tag the brands you’re wearing. We’re also loving Insta Stories.

14) Do you girls always work in pairs?


15) Is it just you two running the show?

We have a few people who work with us, and then we work with a lot of people remotely, so we basically have a team spread out all over the world


Thanks ladies for your responses: Check these out girls socials out & their Twoobs page!


Have anyone else you think I should interview? Email me at



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