Where to wear it..

Did you know, where to wear an outfit is just as important as what to wear an outfit to?

Decided to do this casual look that I would wear grabbing a coffee, doing some errands or going to visit the fam. All my posts, will now say “Where you can wear this outfit to” as I believe this is just as important as “What to wear?”

I decided to show you how I tied my scarf, which is below.  A step- by – step tutorial. Something simple and effortless for your errand doing and coffee date / grabbing a quick bite sorta thing.


Please note: this post is not sponsored or gifted.




Please find below, step by step tutorial:



Step 1) Open your scarf in full like so.


Step 2) From left to right, diagonally, grab the scarf and put it in half.


Step 3) Like so.


Step 4) Then grab those ends & tie it around your neck


& voila!


Would love to hear feedback on this tutorial?


Take care all





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