Jord Watches: Collaboration



A Classic and Timeless (see what I did there 😉 )  accessory. Up until a few years ago, I started wearing again. It gives an ultimate sophisticated look and a luxe one at that.

It wasn’t till recently, Ben from Jord Watches contacted me asking for a collaboration, so I jumped at the chance. So as I was viewing their site to get a good feel of Jord Watches & I noticed that the watches were in fact made of wood! Say what???????????????? YES, WOOD!

Anyway, till 16th of October 2016, there is a giveaway available for all of you. The winner ultimately wins a $75 E-Voucher but for the rest of you, you will still get a $20 e-voucher. So really, no -one is left out.

Enter here:

To Shop for Women’s watches, the link is:

The link to my watch is:


Enjoy and good luck! 🙂


Disclaimer: This watch was #gifted to me & are all my own opinion. I was also able to work this watch into my style in order to participate into this collab. This gift to me has no influence on this post whatsoever.





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