Colour 101


Colour; now we know my colour dictionary is not exactly big. I keep my colours pretty minimal day to day basis but for the past few years,  I started adding “colour” to my styling just to keep my all black outfit alive.

It’s done a world of good I found  and also it gave me a chance to get creative and find colours that I can possibly like.

Also just want to talk about these colbolt blue heels.  As colbolt blue is a very “on trend” colour I bought these heels from BIG W for a cheap price that I think anyone can agree with.  But also they’re silky so they looked evening to me which I think is great and has made it look timeless & oh that bow 😍

Down below is an example of how i would style these babies. P.s I’m also all about that colour block.



Enjoy 😚20161101_08441120161101_08420120161101_084617



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