Real Fashion for Real People

Hi All,

Hope all is well. It’s been a while in-between posts but I thought i’d go by the saying “patience is a virtue” cause I’ve got a hell of a post for you.

I am going to be “real” with you guys and here we go:

  • I am 31 but my soul is 101.
  • I lost my dad a few years ago to Lymphoma Cancer. Since then, life is not the same but I am slowly trying to find ways to move on with this.
  • If you probably notice just under my knees I have some scars. From a young I lose my balance, or trip over or had vertigo or whatever it was and when I fell, it was on my knees. Once you start falling on the same place for a long time, they eventually scarred. No Oil or cream has gotten rid of them. 😦
  • Have been working the same place for 12 years  with a bunch of lovely people and thanks to the lessons that we learn daily, I have stayed.
  • I love coffee  (In case you didn’t know! LOL ).. My order is latte by the way.
  • If I could go back in time, I’d probably slap the old me as I was too naive.
  • I actually thank god daily for the lessons and the bad situations that have happened to me cause if it wasn’t for those times or situations I’d never be the person I am today.
  • I’m an aquarian star sign. Loyal as ever, nicest person in the world but get on my bad side and watch out
  • I am very honest and whatever say, I say down the line. No hidden agenda.
  • I have more male friends than female. Females are down right catty and I cannot take that drama &
  • I quit smoking 3 years ago, this year October. Best feeling ever knowing I did it cold turkey, however, after that I developed a shopping addiction, hence why I have a lot of clothes and shoes. I now have too much so I am slowly trying to sell them.


In regards to this post, I have collaborated with Eshakti ,  a company that is launching a  campaign “real fashion for real women”.

They’re a website that are decided to altering to what you order. Yes that’s right ladies and gents ;  you can be your own fashion designer. Ever found you always wanted to tweak a dress because either the straps or the length was too short! Well now you can.


Disclaimer: please note that this dress was gifted to me in order to be apart of this campaign.

Thanks All 🙂




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