Interview with Lady Melbourne: Blogger Style

When I think of Blogging as a full time job, I see it as a dream of mine that I am planning to make a reality but there when you look at the Melbourne blogging scene, there are some that are just see as the leader of the pack. She has been blogging her personal style for 9 years. She is the ultimate #bloggergoals as far as I am concerned. Her name is Lady Melbourne


finally had the chance to interview her. . Have a read and get inspired by her journey:


1) Lady Melbourne : love your name. how did you come up with it?

Well, I’m ladylike and I’m from Melbourne – it was that simple!

2) Cant believe you’ve been blogging for 9 years.How do you find the inspiration for shoots/looks?

When you put it like that it seems like an age(!), but I truly love it. I’ve been reading magazines since I was about 14, and now that the digital age is upon us inspiration is a click away. I spend a lot of time of Pinterest!

3 ) Your style is very unique and lady like (my favourite) whats your ultimate style investment?

I wear a fair bit of vintage, and while I try to buy good quality vintage clothing I invest in my accessories. I only buy leather shoes and handbags and don’t mind splurging on accessories like a good necklace or cashmere scarf.

4) What comes first to styling your outfits.?

I tend to be aware of the dress code where ever I’m going and then depending on whether it’s a fashion, art or food event I decide on the ‘mood’ of my outfit. I’m very much led by how I feel at the time of getting dressed. That and the weather of course!

5) Any style or fashion mistakes you have shamelessly done? Oh go on! 😉

I’d like to say that all of my fashion choices have gotten me to the point I am now so I can’t name any ‘mistakes’ as such. There are things I look back on with regret – ultra pointy kitten heels in the early 2000s for example. When I look at pictures of those I cringe!

6) On the flipside any mistakes you glad you have made?

No mistakes per se, but I’ve always experimented and I think not being afraid to do so has meant I’ve been free to dress as I please and truly find my own style.

7) Who is your style icon?

Hands down Catherine Baba! Following that Coco Chanel and the character Daisy Buchanan from F.Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby.’

8) Favourite Aussie Designer?

I love Zimmerman

9) Mini, Midi or Maxi?


10) Any style or fashion advice for the next generation?

Never be afraid to experiment and wear what you want. Don’t be put off by what other people might think or say – if you love it, wear it.

11) What made you decide to start the blog?

I was running my own accessories label under my name, but I was looking to do something further with my fashion experience. My friend sent me two links to blogs from America and one in Oslo. Remember, 10 years ago this kind of thing was extrememly unusual, particularly in Australia but I was immediately inspired by these fashionable women who were styling their own clothes and self publishing. I went home that night and started Lady Melbourne.

12) Your highlight of your blogging career?

Winning ‘Best Fashion Blog’ Asia Pacific region in 2009 really changed things for me because it put the blog on an international platform. I’ve had some incredible experiences through blogging, but the other highlight has been having my daughter and seeing how it’s changed my perspective on the fashion industry.

13) Most recent purchase?

A pair of deliciously soft suede loafers from Sam Edelman and I’m got my eye on a SELF PORTRAIT dress for Christmas Day.

14) Any advice for us newby bloggers?

Create as much original content as possible. Write your own stories rather than regurgitate press releases, take your own photos even if it’s just with an iPhone. Having ownership over your own content means you can set yourself up for a much longer career.


Thank you so much Lady Melbourne for agreeing to be apart of this interview.

Her Instagram is Lady Melbourne: Instagram

*All Images have been taken with permission from Phoebe, herself.**




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