New Year, new blog?

Hello World!

So, 2016 is at a near close and have found my inner voice more now than ever.

Firstly, my blog has turned 2.. It’s still a baby but now its able to walk and talk and now, I am starting to find my voice in this blogging world.

Secondly, 2017 my blog will become affiliated as this is something I am working towards.

Thirdly, I am making merchandise for my readers. This includes Lanyards, Take away coffee cups, key rings & anything that is Chic, Classy, Timeless & Fun (the best way to describe my personal style). So #watchthisspace


Anyway, I have decided to do this look based on my new midi skirt I bought recently & have added it to my new category called “My classics”. A midi skirt (no matter what size, style, type or colour) is a classic that you can have in your wardrobe. You can make new outfits and this was one of them.

This was one of my looks, that I have styled this skirt for Summer.



Anyway, wanted to wish everyone the best for 2017… See you on the flipside.

Take care









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