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(Hows that for an opening, no, yes?) 😀

I wanted to do something completely different in regards to this post.

As we all know, I am a typical Melbournian. I love my black. I wear it, I love it & suffice to say I breathe it. So I decided to do something different and grab this dress from my mothers wardrobe and style it up. I really wanted to see how versatile my style is. Wearing colour and styling this dress proves that.

I don’t know if it’s because of it’s classic pencil style, my mum has so many of these in her wardrobe with every colour and pattern you can think of.  (This is 1 of the Style Advice’s she has taught me).


I also decided to wear this dress with my fake fur jacket my mama gifted to me. Something I can wear forever and ever. I am so going to wear this jacket throughout Autumn – Winter and I am not even sorry for that 😉 lol

Thanks Mama!

Question to you guys reading this, has your mum given you style advice that has stuck with you? Comment below


Cheers  🙂



Beauty & The Beast with BYS Comestics

“It’s not till you lose everything, that you can truly appreciate everything.” Belle from The Beauty and The Beast.


I got #invited to watch a movie the other day, thanks to BYS Cosmetics  and the girls at Bloggers United AU to watch Advanced Screenings of Beauty and the Beast. This movie has been a favorite of mine from when I was little girl. Why? Well I thought I was Belle. (SAD I KNOW, LOL) as I use to read a lot as a little girl and somehow I was her LOL.


30 years later, here we are. Without going into too much detail, the movie was a 10 out of 10 for me. The graphics & the work they did with the costumes (Oh the costumes!). Such a fab night with heaps of popcorn that I finished before the movie even started (am I the only one that does this?) and of course the girls night! I love having girls night in but this night was epic.   A night to remember, I must say.  Apart from the movie, we did get gifted a massive bag (god it was a challenge taking it on the train ride home, I’ll tell you that) of makeup and brushes from the lovelies at BYS Cosmetics




Processed with VSCO




Thanks so much ladies for the event!

Have you seen the movie as yet? What did you think about it?



Jenet 🙂



Simply Styled in Print



Hi guys,

If any of you know me, I love interacting with different nationalities, religions and of course different aspects of life. It’s nothing more enjoyable for me as I find it mentally stimulating.

Now collaborating is no different. Meeting new bloggers in the industry is such a thrill for me. It’s great to know what makes them start a blog. Why they’re doing it etc, what makes them tick and what inspires them and etc.

So when Edwina came down to Melbourne and we decided to do an impromptu shoot by using Melbourne’s Lane ways.


Check out the look below:


Her instagram link is here for you to check out 🙂 Enjoy! Style Decoy  (I also got the chance to take an outfit of the day for Edwina. Have a look at my photography) 


This look is for a Simple Saturday and a nice look for a hot steamy Melbourne night. #summervibes 🙂


Take care all








img_20170226_124625_753In case you didnt know and not follow me on  Instagram  (please go ahead and do so if you havent), I had my ultimate look drawn.


Eyeslikefingers drew me and I am such in shock as I had asked if she could (as if you don’t ask you never know) and she said yes, which was amazing enough but then the art piece was amazing. I don’t know how she did it. But am so thank ful 🙂


Brand Interview: Enbacci

Hi All,


As you all know, I have been used Enbacci before and since Yong – Li was nice enough to approach, I decided to interview entrepreneur or #girlboss for the low down on Enbacci.

Read below for the full scoop: 


1) How was your name made from?

(I assume you meant the Enbacci name)

Our company name is Embrace Products Group and we had originally wanted to use ‘embrace’ as our brand name. However, when it came to registering it, all sorts of problems arose because as you would have it, ‘embrace’ is a very common and popular word in the cosmetics industry. So after some legal advice, we were forced to be a bit more creative and unique with our brand name. As we had originally developed a Chinese brand name called ‘en-bai-si’, we thought, why not just play with the sounds of that and that is how we got Enbacci. So for us, Enbacci encompasses the meaning of ‘embrace’ as well as our ethnic heritage.

2) What inspires you with branding?

From an aesthetic perspective, we are so lucky to be living in a digital age where content from a variety of sources is accessible (eg. Instagram and Pinterest). I love looking though people’s Instagrams (I spend way too much time doing this though, legitimizing it by saying I am doing business research), reading through blogs and digital magazines, and I have recently noticed how much more attention I pay to printed advertisements in magazines. I think I am also quite lucky in that I know what I visually like and that my business partner generally agrees with my ideas.

With regards to the business branding side of things, there were three aspects that we really wanted to translate through our brand; our ability to cater for a wide range of skin types, our love of travel and our familial values. These were all developed through our personal experiences as a family so family is definitely an inspiration behind our branding.

3) How long has it taken you to get to where you are now?

I started working on developing products in late 2012 and we finally launched the Enbacci brand in October 2013. Almost five years and it still feels like a baby.

4) I’ve told you before and ill say it again, your packaging is none other. Attention to detail is 100% – do you like coming up with new ways to reinvent packing style or do you prefer classic presentation?

I am very lucky to have some inside connections and knowledge about the latest packaging but I actually do prefer something classic. I don’t like overcomplicating things because that just gets too confusing for both the customer and me! I think you need to know where you can be innovative (like with the ingredients we use in our products) and where you shouldn’t overcomplicate things. Packaging for us has a function. You mess with that function, you mess with people’s heads.

5) What were you doing before Enbacci?

Ehh…finishing High School? Like I said earlier, I started Enbacci in 2012, which was my first year at University. I had my hands in helping out in the family business as well as a couple of odd jobs and volunteer positions, but my studies were the main focus for me.

6) When It comes to working with bloggers, what is the 1 thing that you think makes them stand out?

It’s how engaging they are with you when talking to you, but I guess you can say that about any kind of relationship. You can tell when you meet bloggers when they are feigning interest just to get your products versus actually engaging in dialogue with a blogger not only about our products but about each other’s lives. I like to get to know bloggers on a more personal level because at the end of the day, you are people and knowing more about you helps me to understand where Enbacci can fit into it.

7) Does your whole family work at Enbacci?

Almost. My mum is my business partner and she takes on a lot of the creativity that goes on in our business. The handsome dude in our campaign images is also my younger brother.

8) What is for the future of enbacci? Where do you plan to take it?

I would love to be as big as Estee Lauder Companies Inc. or L’Oreal Group one day, but I don’t expect that to happen for a little while longer. For now, we are still developing new products to add to our

brand, being as innovative as we can, whilst also stripping skincare to the bare basics. There are a few things in the works for this year so keep your eyes peeled for them!

9) What’s your day like?

I generally start my day with a good breakfast at home where I am also deciding what I want content I want to post for the day, then I’ll head into the office if I am not scheduled to be at any meetings. My days at the office can vary quite differently depending on what needs to be done. On a typical day, you can probably find me at my desk doing some kind of admin work. I do everything in the business from the big important contract stuff, to product and artwork design, to website maintenance, and even the accounting. After a day at the office, I like to head to the gym for a quick workout or to go to a yoga class and calm my thoughts for the day. Finish the day off with some dinner and maybe catch up on some NBA games and then I’m in bed!

10) I like how your products are for all skin types. What are you top tips for dry, oily and combination skin?

Firstly, I am big believer in keeping your insides healthy to ensure your outsides look good, so keeping hydrated is my top tip for all skin types. With regards to the individual skin types, for dry skin the best skincare advice I can give is to pick a hydrating moisturizer. Just because it feels thick and oily, doesn’t necessarily mean it is hydrating. You need to look for ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which help to draw moisture into the skin and retain it, as well as some king of antioxidant like green tea extract or vitamins C and/or E.

My top tip for those with oily skin is to not be tricked by skincare brands who sell you products that completely strip your skin of its’ oils. That generally makes your skin think it is dry, therefore making your skin produce more oil and giving you even oilier skin. Don’t be fooled! And in conjunction with this, just because your skin is oily does not mean you don’t need a moisturizer. Opt for a more lightweight moisturizer if you are concerned about how oily you get during the day.

For my combination skin comrades, all I can say is find yourself a good skincare regime and stick to it. This should consist of at least a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer.



Thanks to the lovely  Yong – Li for allowing me to interview you. GO and check out their products that I have reviewed on my blog


Blog Post : Enbacci


Their socials are:



Let’s do drinks and catch up.

Hi All & Welcome to 2017 on the blog:

I have been dying to tell you but I have some news for you. 2017 will be THE year for me. I can finally tell you so here it goes:


  1. I am building my own house. This has been such an exhausting time for me as things have been on the back burner with the land etc. But can finally say, I will be officially an “adult” with  a mortgage in 2017 . I decided to do this for myself and my future self as I am firm believer, you don’t need a man to complete you BUT you can do anything.
  2. New Blog, will be happening once point 1 is completed. A new name has been picked and it will be….. “The Elegance of She”. (I’ve actually had help with this so a big thank you to that person). I want my blog to be a place where anyone of any size, coloured skin or race can come and visit. I hope to give you inspiration in being elegant. But trust me, nothing will change, it will just be a better blog for you all & to think you will be able to actually buy what I post.
  3. With point 2, I shall be making merchandise as previously advised &
  4. I want to make it official and I will be starting You Tube. Ill have a bunch of things on there like Tutorials, Vlogs, Lookbook and What’s in my bag and other things that You Tube is famous for.


Anyway, just want to say a cliche sentence right now and thank everyone for following me and reading my posts. It has been a pleasure thus far of the blogging world.  🙂 I hope you have enjoyed it and cant wait for the next 10 months of a ride.

Thanks all



P.s This is part 2 of my photoshoot for “My Classics”. This is showing how I’d style an off the shoulder top. I have been organising my birthday, so this is the perfect outfit for a girls night out.


Enjoy 🙂