Beauty & The Beast with BYS Comestics

“It’s not till you lose everything, that you can truly appreciate everything.” Belle from The Beauty and The Beast.


I got #invited to watch a movie the other day, thanks to BYS Cosmetics  and the girls at Bloggers United AU to watch Advanced Screenings of Beauty and the Beast. This movie has been a favorite of mine from when I was little girl. Why? Well I thought I was Belle. (SAD I KNOW, LOL) as I use to read a lot as a little girl and somehow I was her LOL.


30 years later, here we are. Without going into too much detail, the movie was a 10 out of 10 for me. The graphics & the work they did with the costumes (Oh the costumes!). Such a fab night with heaps of popcorn that I finished before the movie even started (am I the only one that does this?) and of course the girls night! I love having girls night in but this night was epic.   A night to remember, I must say.  Apart from the movie, we did get gifted a massive bag (god it was a challenge taking it on the train ride home, I’ll tell you that) of makeup and brushes from the lovelies at BYS Cosmetics




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Thanks so much ladies for the event!

Have you seen the movie as yet? What did you think about it?



Jenet 🙂



Enbacci Skincare: Apple Revitalising Eye

20161218_12345220161218_12330620161218_12330320161218_122942Hey All,


So in case you didn’t, I was graciously invited to Enbacci & Bloggers United AU event the other weekend at the glam chic location of the Garden room at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

Such a fun day filled with Champagne and canape’s, the room was decked to fill the “Garden room” mood. There was a lush flower wall and everything. Don’t worry, us bloggers took advantage of that and the Instagram Printer that was there too.

But now, lets talk about the actual product.


If you didn’t know, Enbacci’s legacy skin care is all about using Fruit Stem Cell for their products. Generally, it’s grape but with this product, it is apple. Yes, APPLE!

Now, even though I don’t look like I am in my 30’s, I have to be proactive on my aging process and get onto it. Using this product, under the eyes and going around in a circular motion, can hydrate the eyes which is one of the first places of premature aging. Wow, look at me sounding all legit and bloggerish (ok, is there such word?)

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day in Melbourne and got the chance to meet a lot of lovely people and of course use the flower wall and that printer! 🙂


Take care yo!



Please note : all these Enbacci products as shown in these pictures have been gifted t0 me ..


Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

Chanel; the most luxurious pieces of fashion you will ever experience.

On the flip side it exceeds quality and lures class.

Now, i was at work last week and got a phone call from Chanel, the Fragrance and beauty Boutique saying my 2 year voucher was going to expire that was worth  $100! As every single does, I rushed there to use it.

Now the old me wouldve spent it on just makeup  but what I decided to do was buy a little compact mirror as well( I can keep this forever, as opposed to just buying makeup) as the new matte lipsticks that are out.

In case you didn’t know, my favorite colour is red 😉. That goes for any shade. But looking at the range of my eyes were focused on the number 148. So I went with that. Red lipstick and matte?? OMG


Decided to do some photos for you below.  Now I’m not saying that you need to go buy Chanel  lippies and that’s it but it was an opportunity for me to splash on myself after all the hard work I’ve done & why not use the voucher!  So glad I used it. Another lippy to the collection!

Take care








Shanghai Suzy

shanghai-suzy-lips1Hi all,


As you are aware, I have been and will be interviewing ladies in the industry (fashionista / o or any socialite) or any hard working business woman that has a strong work ethic but also down to earth nature. Joanna from Shanghai Suzy is one of them. She’s down to earth and makes yummy lippies that taste like grape.



1) So, how long has Shanghai Suzy been around?

I launched Shanghai Suzy in August 2013, so it’s been just over 3 years!

2) How did the name come up?

The brand is named after my friend Suzy, who is from Shanghai! When we were little we used to call her ‘Shanghai Suzy’. In fact all of the colours are named after my friends 🙂

3) Your favourite colour / shade of lippie that you like to wear and also make?

My favourite lipstick EVER is Miss Chloe Toffee in our whipped matte formula, in our current collection. To me that is lipstick perfection!

4) What were you doing before this?

I worked in marketing and brand management for about 5 years! I worked on pharmacy cosmetics brands, a luxury skincare brand and also in luxury automotive!

5) Where do you get your inspiration from to make more lipsticks?

The creative side of Shanghai Suzy is what ‘fills my cup’. It gives me life! I am always thinking a season ahead. The colours in every season ultimately stem from the simple question of ‘what do I want on my lips right now?’

6) How did Shanghai Suzy “brand” start?

I had a vision to launch a capsule lipstick brand and it grew from there. I wanted a ‘go-to’ lipstick-only brand that sold on-trend colours that didn’t cost a fortune. Where it wouldn’t matter if I only wore the lippie once or twice with a certain outfit to a certain event. I hated spending $40 on lipstick that I might only wear once!

7) What was your first lipstick you created?

We created the samples of the first range all at once – some of those first range hues are still some of my faves!

8) Do you ever pinch yourself with all of the success, you receive?

I try to celebrate when we have successful ranges or we have a great day for example, but I’m always working a season or two ahead so I tend to focus a lot more on the future and growing the brand rather than being in the moment – oops!! I feel like we have so much potential and we’ve just scratched the surface so it’s hard to not get ahead of myself sometimes.

9) If you would to pick a girl for your brand, who does she look like & what are her characteristics? 

My ultimate style icon is Nicole Ritchie so I think she’d have to be my dream girl. She’s quirky, beautiful, successful, funny, SO stylish and unique.

10) What to next?

We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our ‘Essentials’ Collection which is our first permanent range, we’re launching that pre-Xmas! And also starting to formulate for next Winter which is crazy! We’re launching a new formula for next Winter so we can’t wait!

11) What is your favourite type of makeup look?

At the moment I love dewy skin with a bronzed glow, nude lips, brown/bronze/gold eyeshadow and thick lush lashes!

12) Your style icon?

Nicole Ritchie! Obsessed!

13) Honest opinion and advice on “building a brand from scratch”

Wow this is a big one! I think it’s important to work out your brand values and what you stand for early on, and have consistency across all elements of your brand – packaging, product, social media, website, in-store presence etc 🙂

14) I love how down to earth you are, even though you are successful. Any tips on staying grounded? 

Awww that is so lovely of you! I guess having a small business, it’s so hands on for our whole team – always! Some days I’m helping to pack orders, or doing the post run myself! So it keeps me super down to Earth. I’m not sure if I have any tips but I think it’s important to always be willing to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty.

15) How did the scents in the lipstick idea come about? (I love it as I as I just want to eat them! LOL) 

I’m so glad you love them!! I really dislike that typical waxxy lipstick smell and the way it lingers around and I always have, maybe it’s because our lips are directly under our noses – I’m not sure haha! But it was important to me that we made them smell appealing! Not like musty old lady lipstick ewwww!!!

16) Do you have any tips on someone that has a shaky hand applying lipsticks

I think dark, vampy colours definitely take a steady hand, confidence and practice! Perhaps get your application down pat on more forgiving, neutral colours first and then experiment with bolder colours from there! Or simply overdraw your lips like I do when I accidentally apply outside the lip line haha 🙂 I also love applying super dark shades with a brush so I can have that little bit of extra control.


Thanks so much Joanna for allowing me to interview you.


Instagram – Shanghai Suzy




If you follow my Instagram, you would know I have a thing for nails. I am a firm believer, of a girl needs a good manicure, or claw or almond.  There are so many types out there but any kind is a good kind.

Why do I love getting my nails done? Well nails to me is what make up is to makeup bloggers. I am a kind of wog that talks with her hands as well as I work in the corporate world hence why they’re done.

Follow my Instagram to keep up to date. ❤





Breakfast with Audrey Minimail trends




Image from Fashion Sisters How Two Live How two live nailsImage from Stylecasterstyle caster

Salon Melbourne

So I’ve survived Salon Melbourne 2016. An annually event that is held in Melbourne of course, that all beauty and make up brands come together to show case to other Brands, buyers, bloggers and media their new products and/or showcase their brand!


What an amazing turnout. A few of us from the Bloggers United AU crew met up on before hand grabbed coffee’s (yes – the 9am start’s are killing me for a sunday!) and embraced these brands with open arms. (literally)

I left feeling like a bag lady with all of these pamphlets. But it was a fun day and a ladies day.

Seriously can’t wait for next year.




Chanel Make up

So, the time has come to throw out my Chanel products that I’ve used till it was finished. Thought i’d give you guys a review of what I bought and I don’t want to throw away. Chanel has always been a game changer when it came to their beauty and make up range. The word Trust comes to mind when I buy Chanel.

  1. Le Blanc De Chanel: This is great find for someone that has uneven skin tone.Especially if you suffer from red cheeks. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and cannot recommend anymore, Am pretty upset this is finshed 😦 This is to be put on before your foundation.
  2. Hydra Beauty: I love this product. Even though this isn’t finished as yet, I love it and thought I’d bring this in the post. This is a primer for your lips. You add this before your lipstick as it evens out your creases.
  3. Coco Eau De Parfume Chanel: It does have an older smell but I think every girl needs to have a parfum to fall back on when everything is finished. I wear this for big family events + weddings. & Last but not least:
  4. Perfection Lumiere: One of my favourite foundations. I found it hard to finish this baby off and have been using less and less so It doesnt run out?! Anyway, Chanel’s foundation is very unique and since my skin tone is unique I found it worked well on me. Extreme coverage but a real flawless look.

I love these Chanel products and these will always be in my make up bag. So French, So Chic!







Burt’s Bees

My beauty regime isn’t massive as my product range is pretty simple but I’ll never post a product I don’t believe in. I am definitely not one of those bloggers that do it just for the $$ (names remain nameless) and don’t worry I’ve met a few! ** Please note, this isn’t a sponsored post  **

Anyway, before I tried Burt’s Bee’s my skin was experiencing a massive change. Turning 30 had something to do with that. However, when I tried using the same products I used when I was in my 20’s, I experienced my skin getting really dry (my skin is combination) and as much as I moisiturized, it never felt clean.

So I went on my lunch break to Priceline and they recommended Burts Bee’s. Firstly, their range is not too big where I felt overwhelmed but big enough to know that they’re a company you can trust.

From using this product my skin is much softer and lush. I also felt no bumps as opposed to before (kinda like a rough feeling) My skin feels hydrated but also has a sweet smell as opposed to the chemical added smells.

This is something I will definitely use again and again