Beauty & The Beast with BYS Comestics

“It’s not till you lose everything, that you can truly appreciate everything.” Belle from The Beauty and The Beast.


I got #invited to watch a movie the other day, thanks to BYS Cosmetics  and the girls at Bloggers United AU to watch Advanced Screenings of Beauty and the Beast. This movie has been a favorite of mine from when I was little girl. Why? Well I thought I was Belle. (SAD I KNOW, LOL) as I use to read a lot as a little girl and somehow I was her LOL.


30 years later, here we are. Without going into too much detail, the movie was a 10 out of 10 for me. The graphics & the work they did with the costumes (Oh the costumes!). Such a fab night with heaps of popcorn that I finished before the movie even started (am I the only one that does this?) and of course the girls night! I love having girls night in but this night was epic.   A night to remember, I must say.  Apart from the movie, we did get gifted a massive bag (god it was a challenge taking it on the train ride home, I’ll tell you that) of makeup and brushes from the lovelies at BYS Cosmetics




Processed with VSCO




Thanks so much ladies for the event!

Have you seen the movie as yet? What did you think about it?



Jenet 🙂




Enbacci Skincare: Apple Revitalising Eye

20161218_12345220161218_12330620161218_12330320161218_122942Hey All,


So in case you didn’t, I was graciously invited to Enbacci & Bloggers United AU event the other weekend at the glam chic location of the Garden room at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

Such a fun day filled with Champagne and canape’s, the room was decked to fill the “Garden room” mood. There was a lush flower wall and everything. Don’t worry, us bloggers took advantage of that and the Instagram Printer that was there too.

But now, lets talk about the actual product.


If you didn’t know, Enbacci’s legacy skin care is all about using Fruit Stem Cell for their products. Generally, it’s grape but with this product, it is apple. Yes, APPLE!

Now, even though I don’t look like I am in my 30’s, I have to be proactive on my aging process and get onto it. Using this product, under the eyes and going around in a circular motion, can hydrate the eyes which is one of the first places of premature aging. Wow, look at me sounding all legit and bloggerish (ok, is there such word?)

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day in Melbourne and got the chance to meet a lot of lovely people and of course use the flower wall and that printer! 🙂


Take care yo!



Please note : all these Enbacci products as shown in these pictures have been gifted t0 me ..


Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: 2016

Hello all,

I am going to give you my side of Fashion week.  so get ready. Grab some vine and enjoy!

On the 26th of August,  I went to Emporium to go see the opening of Spring Fashion Week, Melbourne. Now this may be my second year of going, (oh god my blog turns 2 in November! – err lets get back to it) but this year, it was wayyyy different to the last. One of my favourite designers were there (Blessed Dion Lee) and a few others.. This year, it was jam packed! I love the concept of turning a little lane way street into a full blown showcase. Isabel Lucas was the face of Spring Fashion week this year, and oh what a face! With her success, it had made that night so epic!  I saw a lot of bloggers there too.

Ok, so I left early due to being so tired from work, I saw what I had to see and left. But Melbourne, you really know how put on a performance of Fashion week.

Lights of Melbourne Town Hall were so bright and so beautiful, I’ve never seen. I seriously can’t wait to see more. On every corner you would see a little reminder its Spring Fashion Week. It’s like the city was alive!


Anyway, today (the 31st of August)  I went to a different show that has inspired me and kind of reminded me why I started my blog.

Something so simple,like watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at ACMI (P.s I have the movie at home and have watched this more than you can imagine),  gave me that blogging jolt i needed. Being a Fashion Blogger, especially in Melbourne can be pretty difficult. The competition is vast, you must know people in the industry and you must look a certain way (Tall, blonde and size 4). Ok, I don’t meet any of those criteria’s but I’d like to think I can bring something to the table.

But watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s today, remind me why I am doing this.

I want to build my brand. I want my style to be known.

It’s ok to be classy. You don’t have to be half naked to get attention & hey hunny, its ok to be a size whatever you are..

Anyway, hope you enjoy my read


Take care all xx


Please note: this post is not sponsored









Sacred Heart Mission: Their Journey

So last Friday night, the crew at Bloggers United Au, a few bloggers and myself got the chance to sip some tequila & eat mexican food ( which is something I am very good at ) last Friday night.

Unfortunately no Outfit of the night pics were taken for the Gram or blog, nevertheless; it was a night of pure chicness.

I’ll put it to you simply; Sacred Heart Mission do honorable work by making food for the homeless. A worthy cause I believe in myself for helping those in need .. No amount of outfits and clothes can replace that kind of respect we can have for someone doing that kind of work.

In fact, we live in a world that is so obsessed with the rich and famous (no names mentioned here) that we don’t in fact get in touch with reality of what truly matters.

Our health, we have a bed to sleep in and that we are alive. Thanks to Sacred Heart Mission, they are doing just that.

Thank you for telling us what really matters and reminding us of that.

A big thankyou to:

Bloggers United AU

Radio Mexico

Due to the lighting, I wasn’t able to take pics but I have regram from  Bloggers United AU Instagram

Love and respect to all


Jenet xoxox

The Autumn Feels

Now we all know I love the colour red but what I love about Autumn is the deeper red like my flatlay here. Just so natural in colour and something that will stay throughout the years. From your clutch to your lipstick to the bottoms of your stiletto’s, this is the colour you need to get

Love Jenet xx








If you follow my Instagram, you would know I have a thing for nails. I am a firm believer, of a girl needs a good manicure, or claw or almond.  There are so many types out there but any kind is a good kind.

Why do I love getting my nails done? Well nails to me is what make up is to makeup bloggers. I am a kind of wog that talks with her hands as well as I work in the corporate world hence why they’re done.

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Breakfast with Audrey Minimail trends




Image from Fashion Sisters How Two Live How two live nailsImage from Stylecasterstyle caster

Coach & Moschino

So I decided to clean out my room this weekend to see what treasures I could find.

Ended up finding this Coach Clutch and decided to wear this as my all go to bag to throw stuff in. It may look little but it does carry enough.  You know the saying , the bigger the bag the more stuff you throw in it.

I love the color I picked when I bought it. Classic and Chic.

The colour combination with the phone cover sets it off well.

What did everyone else do on the weekend?




Shoe’s First

Shoe’s first, a philosophy that 99.99999% of the worlds women devote their whole style to. I know I do!

The scene was at Myer Bourke Street, in the Fashion Central of Melbourne.  Floor Level 1. Shoes, where the fashion team of Marie Claire and Myer were collobrating in order to bring us this event.

A pure and simplistic event that was sophisticated. Champagne pouring and canapé browsing ( you had to be pretty lucky to grab one though ) the event was a great turn out.

With unfortunate low numbers in grabbing a goody bag, I received some Voodoo high denier black stockings.

Anyway, here is a snap shot of what is on trend;

– Ankle Boots ( including fringe)
– Embellished Flats
– Sneakers
– Brouges

Looking forward to my favorite Seasons coming up with heaps of layering and shoots












Style Books

Style books: A Decoration or Fashion Inspiration?

Am still undecided how to use these but I definitely have these in my bookshelf on display.

I have from Audrey Hepburn Styling, to Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Chanel and Lauren Conrad.

They make a great coffee table arrangement as well.


Whitney Port



Salon Melbourne

So I’ve survived Salon Melbourne 2016. An annually event that is held in Melbourne of course, that all beauty and make up brands come together to show case to other Brands, buyers, bloggers and media their new products and/or showcase their brand!


What an amazing turnout. A few of us from the Bloggers United AU crew met up on before hand grabbed coffee’s (yes – the 9am start’s are killing me for a sunday!) and embraced these brands with open arms. (literally)

I left feeling like a bag lady with all of these pamphlets. But it was a fun day and a ladies day.

Seriously can’t wait for next year.