Breaking the black for Spring 

Hi all ,

How are we? 

Just want to say a big thanks for all your love and support in my last post. 

Wearing colour is hard for me to be honest but I am trying to find ways to do this so I thought I’d wear another peplum top( as if you read my last post, you would know that it covers a certain area and is great when you’ve had a big dinner ) anyway, everyone knows I love my black but it’s hard to find ways to wear it in spring so here I’ve added my classic cream and black cardi to my all black outfit & boom! A way to wear black in spring – for those warmish nights . Oh I can’t wait 😊 

Thanks all take care 


Girls night in Winter


Thanks for tuning in. Have been so busy with my new place (my first home, EEEKKK!) I can’t wait to show you all, photos of how I’ve styled it.

In the mean time, thought I’d smash out some outfits. Decided to do something a bit more of a going outfit but still chic, elegant, classy but FUN.  More for drinks with the girls, out for dinner or something in the night time. It’s winter here in Australia and I am struggling to dress for going out whilst not looking frumpy.

This is my personal style. This is what I find works for me. I don’t ever have the intention of looking like someone else just because everyone else is dressing like them.

I don’t ever follow trends that don’t work for me. If I liked a trend, i’d make it work for me.  in this case for this outfit, it was the off the shoulder top and bodycon midi skirt.

This has been my philosophy since day 1 of this blog and it will still be the same when I re-brand and beyond.

Have you found any newest trends that you can work into your wardrobe and some you wouldn’t dare try? Would love to hear from you! This question goes out the boys too!




Simply Styled in Print



Hi guys,

If any of you know me, I love interacting with different nationalities, religions and of course different aspects of life. It’s nothing more enjoyable for me as I find it mentally stimulating.

Now collaborating is no different. Meeting new bloggers in the industry is such a thrill for me. It’s great to know what makes them start a blog. Why they’re doing it etc, what makes them tick and what inspires them and etc.

So when Edwina came down to Melbourne and we decided to do an impromptu shoot by using Melbourne’s Lane ways.


Check out the look below:


Her instagram link is here for you to check out 🙂 Enjoy! Style Decoy  (I also got the chance to take an outfit of the day for Edwina. Have a look at my photography) 


This look is for a Simple Saturday and a nice look for a hot steamy Melbourne night. #summervibes 🙂


Take care all








Be right Back: Gone Shopping

Hey all,

So sorry for the delay in posting (or lack of).. Jasmine and I have been swamped with our personal lives that I haven’t had the chance to do any shoots. We’re hoping soon!

But in the mean time, here are some #tbt moments for yall to enjoy 🙂


P.s Stay tuned as I am in the middle of interviewing a massive influence in the lipstick market.. I JUST CAN’T WAIT!


P.p.s: If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I am adding a New Catergory called “My classics” ..   So excited to add this to the blog.

take care loves xxx

chanel-winter-pearl 4wp-image-1728025329jpeg.jpegwp-image-794037802jpeg.jpegwp-image-1832462645jpeg.jpeggeelong-photo-1.jpegblack-and-white-city-.jpeg.jpeg

The Devil is in the detail

Spring in Melbourne: for most gals it is the gateway to wearing colour and to wear print but for me & to start mixing and matching. I, on the other hand, always wear black no matter what season.

I decided to wear my Little Black Dress (There are so many styles available) and style it as per the below.

By adding the Brooch, the detailing in the heels & my red nails, it made it:

  1. Classy
  2. Classic
  3. Luxe
  4. Modest
  5. Stylish?  YES!


It also gave it a lil somethin somethin 😉


Enjoy 🙂



Please note this post is not sponsored or gifted. 


All black Everything

Hands up and admit if you LOVE BLACK.  I find it to be most loyal, more loyal than a man could ever be 😉

It has been a pleasure to style you and keep you FOREVER. We all know it’s benefits. (Elegant, Chic, Slimming, Loyal) .. ok getting back to the story, you can see I Love BLACK.

Decided to pair my all black ensemble with my statement heels I bought from  Jo Mercer I posted on Instagram I bought last December for my cousin’s wedding.

I love these heels, they’re so timeless and chic! FYI: you can never go wrong with lace.

Decided to add this look onto “Simple Saturday’s” a Catergory I’ve added to give ladies, girls and women a “Simpler, Classier Option” for Saturday nights.


Enjoy 🙂



My Autumn / Winter Essential – The Blazer

Brrr.. You feel that winteresque chill? & you know what? I LOVE IT!

Decided to announce on the blog that I am a lover of Autumn / Winter looks and styles. Why? The layering and the luxe feel of a nice warm scarf & then adding a nice blazer (or coat) with thick high denier stockings, boots (ankle boots, thigh high boots and oohhhh don’t forget over the knee too) with some hot coffee, just makes me soo happy!

But for today’s post, I decided to use my favourite all time kinda jacket, the Blazer! (The Black Blazer in this case)

I can never have too many (trust me I have about 5 – differnt colours and styles)  but with this simple black blazer I was able to accessorise this a bit differently by adding some stud earrings to give it some oommfff with the Chanel brooch. Just for today’s shoot, I wore it with my off the shoulder top that I’ve been wearing alot lately with jeggings (or jeans if you prefer ) .

Hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I feel wearing it, which is why I’ve added this to the Simple Saturday Night Section of my blog .. Enjoy


Love Jenet xx







Off the Shoulder Goodness

Off the Shoulder tops – LE CHIC ❤


One of my other favourite types of tops. Off the Shoulder. Well anything shoulder, really. I find nothing more demure, classy, elegant and Chic than an “Off the Shoulder top” – as opposed to wearing something low cut.

A Basic style of top however, a massive impact on your outfit.


– Another outfit to add to my Simple Saturday night outfits section, to the blog.


P.s Not a sponsored post yet again. 

P.P.S: I decided to use some stud earrings as a little accessory to my skirt. (To use if you don’t have a brooch) 


P.p.s: This is one of my shoots in regards to my collab with Jasmine from Sweetaholic-Beauty   – stay tuned for more to come :*


Enjoy xx

A pair and a spare heelsskater skirt 2off the shoulder


Simple Saturday’s

Saturday’s.. One of my favourite days.

It’s one of those days that you can actually relax after a long week and

Just this past weekend, I got back from Rye and Sorrento and more importantly I got so spend time with my main girl.

We all have that chick in our lives. Ya know the girl that is there for you at any time in your life. Whether it be good or bad. She’s always there. Well we are like that for each other.

Well we generally spoil each other on our birthday’s with presents but this year we were both baffled so she took me away for the weekend.

Had such a great time, am starting to feel really refreshed and ready to take on 2016!

From Peninsula Hot Springs on Saturday, pizza and back to the hotel for a few cocktails and champagne to Sunday catching the ferry from Sorrento after our breakfast and stroll, to Queenscliffe. It was a magical weekend that I assure you I won’t forget for a while.

Anyway, I am deciding to do a series of blog posts, when i’ll be showing “simple” saturday night outfits . Something I’d wear going out for dinner, some cocktails or a night out in the town.

Here is series 1.. Just want to shoutout DoanerFide for doing my make up. One of my first collabs of 2016. To see the other looks, they are here




Thanks guys


Jenet 🙂