Keeping the Class in Sexy

Hey all,

This post has been a long time coming and I decided to collaborate with Irish bra lady. Please note this is entirely my opinion and appreciate no negative comments.

I wanted to show what classy in sexy looks like. Now, most girls would’ve jumped the chance to show off their “puppies” if given this beautiful Lacey bralette I am wearing. Instead,I found a creative and classy way. I mean, I ain’t no A cup in the bra department but god damn I can still wear a bralette. But now I’ve added a lot more class to it. 

You know when my mum saw me pick this up (btw this was gifted and these words are 💯 % my own) from the post office she looked at me and thought “you are going to wear that?!” And then when she saw me style it up she commented on how classy and beautiful the top looked. I don’t know about you but the “too sexy and too much revealing phase” is done in my opinion. Time to bring back class with abit of sexy.

When things are sexy you don’t have to add more sexiness to just need to add the class 🙂