Simply Styled in Print



Hi guys,

If any of you know me, I love interacting with different nationalities, religions and of course different aspects of life. It’s nothing more enjoyable for me as I find it mentally stimulating.

Now collaborating is no different. Meeting new bloggers in the industry is such a thrill for me. It’s great to know what makes them start a blog. Why they’re doing it etc, what makes them tick and what inspires them and etc.

So when Edwina came down to Melbourne and we decided to do an impromptu shoot by using Melbourne’s Lane ways.


Check out the look below:


Her instagram link is here for you to check out ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!ย Style Decoyย  (I also got the chance to take an outfit of the day for Edwina. Have a look at my photography)ย 


This look is for a Simple Saturday and a nice look for a hot steamy Melbourne night. #summervibes ๐Ÿ™‚


Take care all








Happy Socks

I am the type of person that has NEVER EVER won a competition. EVER EVER.. The only competition I’ve ever worn was getting my free coffee from my coffee card . But when I suscribed toย Cocktail Revolution ย website, I didn’t expect to win a competition for a pack ofย Happy Socks and Jocks.


I decided to do a shoot with a pair of heels and some socks. Something a bit different to add to your outfit. I was wearing this with a simple LBD.


You should probably know by now, I am all about that unique style


Please note: these were one of the pair, that I won in a competition.



Take care all


Feeling Blueish

Ohhhh Melbourne. ย How Dreary and Blue you have become us.

How miserable I have been feeling cause of this weather. Im sure everyone else feels this way. ย As I love Melbourne when it cools down but not when it rains consistently. Omg, I just cant stop feeling down.

As I play catch ups on my blog (Instagram page was first then Blog – you see ย I do things backwards!) I am posting my OOTD / OOTN late.

These pretty comfy pants were from The Online Chic. ( ย A website dedicating pieces to Woman that are affordable (whats not to love about that!)

Be Prepared for collaborations with these guys. I’ll be styling their Next photo shoot! I cant wait.

Would love to hear some suggestions too