First Impressions, Last

Hello there,

How are we all? I was discussing with my little cousin the other day about first impressions and job interviews & how I remember this training course my high school sent me to.

It was about first impressions. Here is the scenario, now picture this:


I am a little 15 year old attending my course, catching the train into the big city. We attended this classroom with our school uniform and of course acting like the most immature little shits ever. LOL Anyway, one of the main lessons I learnt from this course, was the most important one of my life! & here it goes:


The first impression of yourself to someone else, is the most valuable one you can make. Choose wisely.

So as an experiment, he told us for tomorrow’s class , to not wear our school uniform but to wear conservative professional clothes. Watch how people react to you on the train. You wont be those little sh*** catching the train where everyone that works in the city shudders about, you will be treated rightfully.

So wow, did that work more than ever! I saw no adult roll their eyes or give me any smirks but I did see a lot of respect. He was right ! 

So my moral of this story: look at your outfit and yourself and think “what is my first impression? What does it say ?” 
Comment below and tell me what you think? Do you agree ? 

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Sacred Heart Mission: Their Journey

So last Friday night, the crew at Bloggers United Au, a few bloggers and myself got the chance to sip some tequila & eat mexican food ( which is something I am very good at ) last Friday night.

Unfortunately no Outfit of the night pics were taken for the Gram or blog, nevertheless; it was a night of pure chicness.

I’ll put it to you simply; Sacred Heart Mission do honorable work by making food for the homeless. A worthy cause I believe in myself for helping those in need .. No amount of outfits and clothes can replace that kind of respect we can have for someone doing that kind of work.

In fact, we live in a world that is so obsessed with the rich and famous (no names mentioned here) that we don’t in fact get in touch with reality of what truly matters.

Our health, we have a bed to sleep in and that we are alive. Thanks to Sacred Heart Mission, they are doing just that.

Thank you for telling us what really matters and reminding us of that.

A big thankyou to:

Bloggers United AU

Radio Mexico

Due to the lighting, I wasn’t able to take pics but I have regram from  Bloggers United AU Instagram

Love and respect to all


Jenet xoxox

Stripped up

Stripped up

Balmain shirts blouse
260 AUD –

Dorothy Perkins cotton legging
49 AUD –

Gianvito Rossi black shoes
640 AUD –

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch
360 AUD –

Blue and Black

Blue and Black

Blue lace top
22 AUD –

Black faux leather legging
25 AUD –

Black patent shoes
1 110 AUD –

Balenciaga fringe tote
2 465 AUD –

Sparkly belt
49 AUD –

Housewife or Haute Chanel Couture

Housewife or Haute Chanel Couture

John Zack tall dress
100 AUD –

Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps
945 AUD –

Diamond brooch
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Chanel chains jewelry
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Allison Reed statement ring
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